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News about 2PM

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126 Re: News about 2PM on Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:01 am

2PM’s Jun. K unleashes “Alive” MV (stage version)

2PM member Jun. K (Junsu) already had the hearts of fangirls around the world palpitating with the release of his concept photos, MV teaser and full music track over the past week, but the idol has only just begun delighting us with his comeback. Just minutes ago, JYP Entertainment unleashed a music video (stage version) for Jun. K’s solo debut track, “Alive”!

This video is basically Jun. K performing the track on stage. As we patiently wait for the regular music video, check out the stage version below!

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127 Re: News about 2PM on Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:03 am

2PM’s Jun. K and Junho tweet from New York

On October 10th, 2PM‘s Jun. K (Junsu) and Junho uploaded photos and updated fans on their whereabouts.

Jun. K tweeted, “at NY now! who s in NY???” In the selca he uploaded, Jun. K is sporting a hat and sunglasses with a Jeremy Scott towel around his neck. Fans quickly replied, “I’m in New York!” and “Oppa, you must be happy.. I want to go, too.”

Junho posted a selca of himself and Jun. K, along with the tweet, “I can’t tell if this is New York or Yuksam-yuk, but it is for sure New York. ㅜㅜ I couldn’t meet up with my friend that I asked to meet, but I’m with Jun. K keke. It has turned into quite a nice vacation. Do you want to do a Junbro duet? keke”

In the picture, Junho and Jun. K appear to be walking the street of New York, with skyscrapers in the background. Both are wearing hats with matching sunglasses.

Meanwhile, Jun. K has been topping the charts on music sites for his solo debut track, “Alive“.

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128 Re: News about 2PM on Wed Oct 12, 2011 3:05 am

2PM’s Jun. K and Junho tweet more pictures from New York City

Yesterday we reported that 2PM‘s Jun. K and Junho tweeted from New York. Today, they revealed more pictures from New York City.

First, Jun. K revealed a picture of himself in the heart of New York, standing in Times Square. Along with the picture he commented, “These streets will make u feel brand new~ the lights will inspire u~”. Looks like he knows Jay Z and Alicia Keys’ ‘Empire State of Mind’!

After seeing the picture netizens commented, “Nice outfit oppa~ <3″, “Always Lovely :-)”, “Concrete jungle where dreams are made of! don’t you feel so ALIVE there?”

Junho on the other hand revealed a picture of being completely worn out in New York. “It’s been a while since I’ve gotten tired from walking. I’m exhausted. New York it’s now good bye ~~ㅋㅋBye bye”.

Netizens commented, “Stay in NYC!! heheh, “Napping in the streets…and still so cute”, “Ohhh i luuuuv the pose! ;D hahaha great legs!!, “Shopoholic ^__^”.

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129 Re: News about 2PM on Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:28 am

Dating rumors resurface after Jessica & Taecyeon get spotted at a cafe

Dating rumors are swirling once again around 2PM‘s Taecyeon and SNSD‘s Jessica after they were spotted having lunch at a cafe near Dosan Park in Apgujung.

These rumors first surfaced back in October 2010, after SHINee‘s Jonghyun and actress Shin Se Kyung confirmed they were dating. Both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment quickly denied the rumors that Jessica and Taecyeon were in a relationship.

In July, Taecyeon dodged questions about how he knew Jessica’s phone number; one month later, the two were seen together in Japan. Each time the media brought up relationship speculations, the two denied that they were anything more than just close friends. With this recent spotting, however, netizens are starting to wonder if that’s still the case.

On October 4th, Taecyeon and Jessica were seen having brunch at a cafe for an hour. Though the establishment was full of people, they seemed to not care about the attention they were drawing, opting instead to focus on their conversation.

After their 1-hour brunch, the two left the cafe. In the process, Taecyeon paid the bill and opened the door for Jessica as they were leaving. Then Jessica gave Taecyeon, who doesn’t have a car of his own, a ride to his dorm.

Jessica is currently busy preparing for SNSD’s comeback album (to be released on October 19th), while Taecyeon is in the midst of filming his Japanese drama, “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi“. Their agencies stated, “SNSD and 2PM are very close and they often meet. It seems the two have had a meal together when both their schedules were free.”

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130 Re: News about 2PM on Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:30 am

2PM’s Junho draws a heart for his fans

2PM‘s Junho has shared a cute selca that expressed his feelings for his fans.

Junho tweeted on October 14th, “Heart is the main! The face is the bonus~I’m presenting my girlfriend to everyone! Sokcho Beach~.”

In the photo, the idol shows off his hand-drawn heart on the sand, while sticking his face in the photo.

Fans who fell for his charms replied with, “Thank you for the cool present. Are you well?“, “This is a picture that makes me feel good! I love you too“, and “You are so cute.”

Meanwhile, 2PM is currently on their ‘2PM Hands Up Tour Concert‘ — they will visit Indonesia on November 11th, Singapore on November 19th, Malaysia on November 25th, and the Philippines on November 27th.

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131 Re: News about 2PM on Mon Oct 17, 2011 2:38 am

2PM’s Chansung gets turned down by J.Y. Park and Suzy

On the recent episode of ‘Dream Team Season 2‘, 2PM‘s Chansung was hilariously turned down by both J.Y. Park and miss A‘s Suzy.

Mighty Mouth‘s Sangchu made a phone call to J.Y. Park during the episode and received support from him. After he cheered on for Sangchu, he asked to keep it a secret from Chansung, causing everyone to laugh. Chansung tried to change the heart of J.Y. Park by saying the winner would receive a car.

J.Y. Park responded with, “Then the car should just be brought to our company. Sangchu, do you have any thoughts of joining our entertainment company?”

After getting rejected by his own company president, Chansung made a consolation call to miss A’s Suzy. However, Suzy stated, “I like 2PM alot, but I like Wooyoung oppa.”

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