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Kim Junsu (Leader)

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Kim Junsu (Leader) Tumblr_lnbsp7RwXs1qb12o1

Name: Kim Junsu
Nickname: Jun K or Jundyu or The Broadcast Man
Position: Main Vocalist
Hometown: Daegu, South Korea
Birth Date: January 15, 1988
Height: 178 Cm
Weight: 73 kg
Label: JYP Entertainment
Specialty: Singing, composing
Religion : Buddhist
Languages : Korean, English (in order of fluency)
School : DongA School For The Arts
Hobbies : Composing, Fashion, Collecting accessories and shoes
Ideal Woman : A girl who looks pretty when she smiles
Fav Food : Sourpatch, Sushi
Education: KyungHee Cyber College, DongA Institute of Media and Arts
Best known for: His "satoori" accent. Junsu may appear to be serious or straight forward in TV shows or interviews, but the truth is, he REALLY IS A FUNNY GUY.
Prior to singing, Junsu had entered and won various poem- and song-writing contests. He originally auditioned for YG Entertainment, where he befriended G-Dragon and Tae Yang of Big Bang. He was accepted into both YG & JYP Entertainment, but chose to take the path of JYP in his final decision.


Kim Junsu (Leader) Normal_Spring8
Recently 2PM‘s Junsu sat down for an interview and palm reading with Spring Magazine. He answered questions ranging from who he would date if he was a girl to a secret only he knows about another member. He seemed to have nothing but luck from his palm reading. So, we can expect great things from him in the future! Can you guess what secret he revealed? Check out the full translation below.

Q. Who would you be going out with if you were a girl?
A. Myself. (LOL) There are no other warm men but me! …or other members are too handsome. (LOL)

Q. Tell a secret of a member that you are the only one to know!
A. What should I do if we break apart after I tell this… haha just kidding. (LOL) Wooyoung might know that he is cute himself, so he acts too cute sometimes. (LOL) Taecyeon is very charismatic and handsome; he is an anime freak and still a baby.

Q. What’s your favorite Japanese phrase?
A. [Nande yanen!] I love it and use it very often. I have a good friend from Osaka, I memorized it because my friend would say that often.

Q. If you were compare yourself to an animal?
A. Because my face look young and eyes are small, it would be a panda. I look more like a panda when I put my make up on.

Q. What’s your recent hobby?
A. Composing! You’ll see me composing in All About 2PM.

Q. Tell us your recommended place to visit in Seoul?
A. The Karosu road in Shinsa-dong. The view is great over there and you’ll also enjoy the shopping. It’s just like Omotesando in Japan. I often go there to have a cup of coffee.

Q. What’s your impression of the Japanese girls?
A. Pretty! They are polite and calm.

Q. What Korean phrase would you want to teach the girls?
A. [대박입니다] which means [The best!] (Daebak-imnida). Young Korean people often use this phrase. In Japanese, it would be [Yabai!]

Junsu’s palm reading

A handsome boy type who has a world of his own!

As he freely extends his hand out, the fact that his middle and ring fingers are close to each other means that he’s a warm person who loves nature and peace. Also, the palm lines which dive fast to the right means that no matter how many years pass by, he will remain a young boy at heart.

Since he’s a person who has his own view for the world, he will work hard until his dreams come true no matter what, strongly believing in his own heart.

Luck at work
2011 year marks the rising point in the luck! Since the turning point is 24 years, Junsu has to work and see if his luck changes for the best. It could be that the Japanese debut might turn out really well. Don’t hesitate; it would be the best if you take it head on.

Luck at love
He’s the type who keeps his ideal type in his heart. It might take a little bit more time for him to meet his ideal type, but he’s the type who is very devoted to his other half. He should become very popular among women when he’s 27-28 years old.

Kim Junsu (Leader) Tumblr_lnaob1fWfP1qaavouo1_500!/SJEva

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