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Ok Taecyeon

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Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon_11
Name: Ok Taec Yeon
Birthday: 12.27.88
Height: 185 cm
Weight: 76 kg
Blood Type: AB
School: YoungDong High School, DanGook University
Hobbies: Listening to music, wakeboarding, & skiing
Talents: Cooking
Nicknames: Okcat, Beast, Choco Taec, Rich Teeth, Ok Daeri
Ideal Woman: Someone who is on top of their work
Favorite Food: Loves Everything!
Religion: Christian

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon

Early life

Taecyeon was born in Seoul, South Korea, but emigrated with his family to Bedford, Massachusetts,where his parents and older sister still currently reside. Taecyeon himself lived there for seven years, attending Bedford High School before returning to pursue his career in Korea. Taecyeon was educated at Gel In High School in Seoul and studied Business Administration at Dankook University.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-12


It was his sister who persuaded him to participate in a JYP Entertainment-audition, whose promotion she had noticed when surfing on the internet.After his reluctant agreement to participate, both headed for New York City on his 17th birthday.A week later, he was chosen for the final 35 and finally got the call-back to go to Korea for the further competition. At first, Taecyeon applied to become a model, but the judges suggested him to try to do dancing and singing.He eventually was named one of the dozen finalists (including his future bandmates Junho and Chansung) to compete in the show Superstar Survival, but was the first contestant to leave the show.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-42

Music career

In 2008, he took part in Mnet's Hot Blood Men which follows the extreme training of 13 trainees in order to become a member of the boy band One Day. One Day spawned two boy bands, 2AM and 2PM, of which the latter one Taecyeon became a member of. Six months after Hot Blood was aired on TV, 2PM debuted with their first single "10점 만점에 10점" ("10 Points out of 10 Points") from their first EP Hottest Time of the Day, but it wasn't until their second EP 2:00PM Time For Change which skyrocketed their success in the Korean music industry. So far, 2PM has released two studio albums and three EPs.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-16

Solo activities

Taecyeon is featured in "Yes I'm In Love" by Bada on her fourth album and Baek Ji-Young's 2009 song "내 귀에 캔디" (My Ear's Candy). He formally hosted SBS's music show Inkigayo with Wooyoung, and was a permanent cast member on Family Outing 2 before it got canceled.
In 2010, he saw his debut as an actor in the 2010 KBS drama series "신데렐라 언니" ("Cinderella's Sister") alongside Moon Geun Young and Chun Jung-myung. His second drama is Dream High, in which he played the role of Jinguk. The drama premiered on January 3, 2011.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-46

Army enlistment

On December 9, 2010, a JYP Entertainment representative revealed that “Taecyeon would like to give up his American permanent residence visa, and recently on December 1st, he received his official confirmation for his permanent residence cancellation.”
Taecyeon has gotten a physical examination for drafting and received a physical body status sufficient enough to only enlist as public service personnel due to his poor vision and dislocated shoulder back in 2008. However, he is currently thinking of getting another physical examination in order to complete active military duties.
The JYP representative stated, “Taecyeon has voiced out thoughts of wanting to enter the military service. He submitted his documents on the 1st and is clear on his actions.” He went on to explain, “Now that Taecyeon wants to enter active duties, he recently received a re-examination. I think he was affected by the recent Yeonpyeong Island shelling, so we want to respect his decision.” He concluded that, “Since Taecyeon is still at a young age, he won’t be entering the military immediately. He is currently active as an actor as well as continuing his studies, so we still need to watch over him.”
On the February 7th, 2011 broadcast of KBS2TV’s “Yeo Yu Man Man,” Taecyeon shared his thoughts on his enlistment situation stating that he plans to get corrective eye surgery so he can enlist.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-11

Personal life

Taecyeon stands 6'2 (185.7 cm) and weighs 76 kg (170 lb; 12.0 st). He speaks English, Korean and Japanese. His hobbies include wakeboarding, skiing, listening to music and cooking. He believes in Christianity.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-29


Ever since he was a kid Taecyeon drew distinctive, large headed, long bodied cats, prompting Netizens to give the cat drawings the name OkCats, thus subsequently giving Taecyeon the nickname OkCat also. He has been known to sign autographs with them, sketch them for people, and in the case of his drama "Dream High" he drew a large one on the chalkboard of his classroom.

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-2


2006 - SBS Superstar Survival -> Himself
2008 - Mnet Hot Blood -> Himself
2008 - MBC Idol Army Season 3 -> Himself
2009 - SBS Inkigayo -> Himself
2009 - Mnet 2PM Wild Bunny -> Himself
2010 - SBS Family Outing 2 -> Himself
2010 - KBS2 Cinderella's Sister -> Han Jung Woo
2011 - KBS2 Dream High -> Jin Guk
2011 - SBS 2PM Show -> Himself
2012 - Dream High 2 -> Jin Guk

Ok Taecyeon Taecyeon-53!/SJEva

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