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B1A4: Discography

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Teach Admin Danai
Teach Admin Danai


B1A4: Discography Tumblr_ljzbiyYunS1qdhugco1_500

B1A4 1st Mini Album - Let's Fly
☆ Let's Fly Track List ☆

1. O.K.
The title track of this album. Worldwide trend of rock-based intense electronic beats coupled with B1A4's fresh explosive vocals and fantastic choreography, it will show the standard of a thoroughly prepared idol. With imposing lyrics as such 'Just you is OK' and addictive melody, the music scene is already in a B1A4 craze!!

2. Remember
With intense synths and temperate beats mixed with BARO's impressive rap, the second song is a song where B1A4's masculine charms rises to a high and shows a different side to their cute image.

3. 못된 것만 배워서 / Only Learnt the Bad Things
Rhythmic hip-hop beats arranged with the grooves of an analog-like instrument. It is an especially impressive song where at uptempo, there is an unrestricted cross-over that brings out B1A4's gorgeous harmonies.

4. Bling Girl
It is the talk of the town, a song in which member Jinyoung was involved in songwriting, and all the B1A4 members were involved in writing lyrics. Fresh and heart-pounding love of teens in their 10's was well expressed by B1A4.

5. Only One
A song formed by the meeting of lyrical piano and the harmony of Jinyoung's sweet mellow, Sandeul's deep soul, Shinwoo's mournful, Gongchan's emotional voices, creating a mysterious balance.

6. O.K. (Inst.)

☆ Miscellaneous Information About the Album ☆
Jinyoung, Shinwoo (CNU), BARO, Sandeul, Gongchan... 5 members of individual personalities have come together to form elite male idol group B1A4. Not just visual(ly appealing), the members have outstanding musical abilities and the ambitious personalities of forming the ultimate idol group in this golden age. B1A4 is the abbreviation of 'Be The One, All For One', with the meaning of 'the best is formed when 5 become 1'. The idea was also conceived by 4 of the 5 members having blood type A, and 1 having blood type B.
B1A4's mini album [Let's Fly] has 'O.K' as the title song. With 6 tracks including 'Remember', 'Only Learnt the Bad Things', 'Bling Girl' etc, the variety of colors of B1A4 can be felt.
Lee Sangho, who created hit songs of Beast, T-ara, F.T Island, C.N Blue, Lee Seunggi etc, is the main producer of this album. Im Sanghyuk (Beast's main songwriter) and Jeon Dawoon (K.Will's main songwriter) have also participated alongside Wheesung (as lyricist), improving the overall completion of the album. Also, member Jinyoung was directly involved in songwriting and BARO took charge of the overall rap-making of the album, showing off their musical abilities.
The music video of title track 'O.K' was directed by Korea's best music video producer, Joo Heeseon. A stylish video that felt as if the members were characters of shoujo mangas come-alive was made. Also, Ha Wooshin and Lee Ilhyung of one of the world's top 3 performance team PREPIX have taken charge of choreography.


All information taken from: FLIGHTB1A4 - #1 Source for B1A4

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