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Origin: Seoul, S.Korea
Genres: Pop, R&B, hip-hop, dance
Years active: 2006–present
Labels: YG Entertainment (South Korea), Universal Music Japan (Japan)
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YG Entertainment selected 6 young, talented boys in the form of
G-Dragon, Tae Yang, T.O.P (also known as Tempo), Seung Ri, Dae Sung and
So-1 to form a group who were supposed to represent the new image of the
label. So-1, who YG thought not to be ready, left the group shortly
after their formation.

Big Bang officially debuted as a 5-piece
on the 19th of August 2006 at the YG Family concert (a concert
celebrating 10 years of YG Entertainment) at the Olympic Park Stadium in

Before that, the group participated in several
performances and collaborations with other artists. G-Dragon, group
leader, and Tae Yang were recruited by YG Entertainment at the age of 12
and were trained by the label. G-Dragon collaborated with Perry on his
album The Storm. He was featured, along with Tae Yang, on a Wheesung
album and two Se7en albums. Seung Ri took part in Battle Shinhwa.

the 16th of August, the songs We Belong Together (written by G-Dragon)
and Nunmulbburin Babo were available for download on the music sites
SKT, Melon, KTF and Dosirak. These two songs were met with immediate

On 19th of August, a video clip of We Belong Together
was available on the YG Entertainment website.

Their first single
was released on the 29th of August. It was comprised of the two
aforementioned songs as well as an intro and This Love, feeding off the
success of the the group Maroon 5, was sung by G-Dragon as a solo piece.
This single was accompanied by a DVD containing a 10-part documentary
following the selection and training of the 6 members of Big Bang. So-1
left the group during episode 9. That same documentary was broadcast
later on MTV Korea.

The second Big Bang video, Nunmulbburin Babo,
was also available through the YG Entertainment website.

A fan
meeting was held at the Kyobo Building on the 2nd of September 2006. No
less than 3000 fans came to the meeting, which was a lot more than the
predicted number!

Their first showcase, entitled Big Bang is
V.I.P., took place on the 15th of September at Seoul AX in front of 2000
fans. The setlist was composed of: Intro, Nunmulbburin Babo, This Love,
Pop Ya Callar, We Belong Together, La la la and V.I.P.. It also
included some demonstrations of their beatboxing. The showcase was
broadcast on the 23rd of September on GOMTV.

The group made their
first appearance on TV on Show Music Core on MBC on the 23rd September.

28th of September saw the release of their second single. It was a huge
success selling 15,000 copies in the first day and another 5,000 on the
following day. A third single was released on the 22nd November 2006.

Bang took part in a world tour organised to celebrate the 10
anniversary of YG Entertainment. They performed alongside Se7en, Big
Mama, 1TYM, Lexy, Gummy and Stormy Shurch. Two concerts were performed
in Japan on the 8th (Osaka) and 10th (Tokyo) of September 2006, followed
by concerts in the US on the 18th (Washington DC), 19th (New York) and
21st (Los Angeles) of October.

On the 4th of November, T.O.P.
celebrated his 19th birthday in front of 2000 fans!

They finished
2006 with their first album, Since 2007, on the 22nd of December and
their first concert, The Rela, on December 30th. A live album was
released on the 8th of February 2007 and a DVD version was released on
the 14th of February 2007.

Big Bang continued to collaborate with
other YG Entertainment artists and took part in concerts with Gummy on
the 4th of April, Se7en on the 7th of April and Lee Seung Hwan on the
14th of May 2007.

On May 5th 2007, they took part in a concert in
Hollywood Bowl, Los Angeles, alongside several other Korean artists and

They started their Want You Tour on the 27th of May with
their first concert in Incheon, followed by three other concerts:
Chuncheon on the 17th of June, Daegu on the 30th of June and Changwon
Busan on the 15th of July.

On the 9th of June, they also went on
to take part in the Dream Concert 2007 alongside, amongst others, Dong
Bang Shin Ki, Super Junior and Cheon Sang Ji Hee The Grace.

Bang in advertising:
Big Bang have had a lot of success, so as a
result various companies and brands have made them the face of their
product. Amongst their most prominent advertising contracts was their 6
months with Skoolooks. Belonging to ex-H.O.T. member, Tony An, it is one
of the top four biggest brands of school uniforms in South Korea. They
also signed a 300 million won contract with sportswear manufacturer

In May 2007, they launched their own brand of perfume,

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