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mono interviews !

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Big Bang Q&A on Spring Magazine Japan (August Edition)

BigBang Interviews %25C2%25B5%25C3%2584%25C3%25A2%25C2%25B5%25C3%2585%25C3%25850016

1) The ideal place for dating during the summer?
T.O.P: ...
V.I: I want to rent a house on an island then we can spend time together.
GDRAGON: I love swimming. I want to go for picnics at scenic places.
SOL: I want to have fun in Jeju Island in summer.
DLITE: She and I spend the date in an isolated island

2) In your opinion, what are the best words that you want to hear from women?
T.O.P: Praising words for me.
V.I: You are sexy.
GDRAGON: I think the best thing I can hear from women are words that describe the budding of a romance.
SOL: I feel energetic when I hear praises on the albums and the stage performances.
DLITE: You are charming…. (laugh)

Credits and translation: Rice@bigbangupdates

G-Dragon’s Short BeanPole Interview

BigBang Interviews Ciupm

What is GD’s concept today?
- Bean Pole man

GD’s favorite style?
- I recently like to wear pique (polo) shirts. I think the style points are in the hats and the accessories. Everyone, use more accessories. When talking about Bean Pole, it reminds us of the passion of styling up the dreams of young people in their 20s. Bean Pole!

Which person would you like to personally style for?
Hyung Don hyung, are you watching? I want to style for Hyung Don hyung who has been frequently seen on Infinity Challenge these days.

Source: BeanPole | bigbangWORLD

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Admin Mary
Admin Mary

Inna wrote:YGEX Press Conference in Japan (Full Interview)

BigBang Interviews Bigbang+2

Big Bang's G-Dragon ("GD") and Taeyang joined YG Entertainment about ten years ago. And during that time, they have been members of Big Bang, the most popular idol stars and have also proven their capabilities as solo artists. So what significance has the launching of label YGEX, held on July 21, have for them? And what thoughts does Se7en have on advancing into Japan a second time? He is the one who made it known that YG has entered its prime and advanced into Japan before Big Bang did. Below are remarks from YG's artists Big Bang, Se7en, 2NE1 and Gummy at the launching ceremony for YGEX.

And what do you think is YG's unique style?

T.O.P: Whether it comes to music or style, we try to do things that are ahead one step of what others do. Mr. Yang Hyun-suk thinks about this too a lot as well. I think it's important that our music is one step ahead of others' yet stays faithful to the fact that our music is different from music that others do.
GD: I'd like Big Bang or YG Family's music to become acknowledge for our music rather than create a Hallyu boom. I think trying to get more and more Japanese people like our music, even if we started underground, would be good too. Whether it's Big Bang or YG's music, we want to be confident about them and gain a lot of experience.

You'll be competing with J-pop musicians once you advance into the Japanese market. Are there any artists you consider competition?

Seungri: That's my field of expertise. (laugh) I actually don't think any artist overlaps with Big Bang in terms of style. And people already in the Japanese market have embraced us as well, saying that they haven't seen a group with our style. So I'm hoping that'll help with our activities in Japan.

Big Bang, do you have plans to promote yourselves in Japan as solo artists as well?

Seungri: We're all working on our solo albums in Korea right now so I'm thinking that us pursuing solo activities in Japan may become a possibility within this year. And the members of our group can also act and appear on entertainment shows so I'm thinking that we'll be able to pursue a wider range of activities.

Are there no detailed plans regarding your group or solo careers?

GD: We haven't set a date yet. Everybody is focusing on the level of completion of their songs so whoever has a better product will come out first.

Do you have plans to form a new unit?

T.O.P: We haven't decided on anything yet. But that's a possibility that could come about whenever.
Taeyang: If we make music that we agree on after talking about music, we just naturally come to make music together.
Seungri: I recently asked Taeyang to work with me but he left the room. That made me very sad. (laugh)
Taeyang: I never left the room. (laugh)

But Taeyang's solo album or GD&T.O.P and Big Bang's mini albums have gotten response in the North America region without any promotion. Don't you want to advance into the U.S. market as well?

T.O.P: I think that for now, it's more important that we make people want to look for us than us setting up detailed plans for our activities there. I think it's important that we make them be interested in us by making them want to watch more of the music videos YG makes

Taeyang, you recently worked with famed U.S. producer The Underdogs. Do you not have plans to expand your career into the U.S.?

Taeyang: Working with The Underdogs was a great experience. But we worked together because we agreed with each other on the music we want to do rather than it being for my U.S. debut. I may once I'm fully prepared but it's hard for me to say, as of now, whether that'll happen.

Is there anything you'd like to say to Daesung who isn't here today?

GD: We wanted to be able to come here together so we're sorry to see that it couldn't happen. And we're a team so I think we root for him with our heart and gaze rather than words. We're always worrying about him and he's always worried about us so I'm definitely hoping that we'll be able to pursue our activities together someday.


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Admin Mary
Admin Mary

Dns wrote:Big Bang's Q&A on Vivi Magazine Japan (August Issue) [NEWS]
BigBang Interviews %25C2%25B5%25C3%2584%25C3%25A2%25C2%25B5%25C3%2585%25C3%25850020
We sincerely hope that Japan can recover. Big Bang gave us strength when they returned to hold their concert. We (at VIVI magazine) talked with them about the topics, love and hope.

Q: What do you do to cheer up yourself when you feel down? What methods do you recommend?

VI: When you cannot think about anything, please listen to acoustic music that you like and dance to it. It will make you feel like you have seen the brightest star in a summer all of a sudden.

The maknae of the band has recommended this way to cheer himself up. When he is feeling down, he will dance in order to let go of all the sad feelings. In fact, V.I. is also a dancer who has lots of energy. He gives people who witness his active side power.

D-Lite: No matter what, just smile. When you smile, you will be happy.

D-Lite is the mood maker who gives us heartwarming inspiration. He also told VIVI, "I am not good at talking but I will look at the girls when they are speaking." After talking to him, I realized that the most charming part of D-Lite is his smile.

T.O.P: I always reflect on myself in order to leave some room in my heart. I also leave time for myself to think about issues.

"When the previous album was released, I felt that I've become more like an adult and a naughty man." So this is our comics-like T.O.P. He has a grand look outside but at the same time, he is well known for his mischievous side. Strengthening himself again by self-reflecting, and this is our adult man!

SOL: I am thankful no matter what situations I am in and no matter how trivial the things are in my life. If I can do this, I will be satisfied all the time.

"I will bring along a bible if I have to be alone in an island." His answer proves that he is a devoted Christian. During the concert (Love and Hope 2011), he said, "We thank you and pray for you." These are the heart-warming words that SOL gave to his Japanese fans

GD: I like hearing the voices of the people that I love in these times. For example, I will talk to them face to face or call them on the phone… When I do this, my stress can be relieved.

The leader is good all aspects. G Dragon is a quiet and prudent person; therefore, his means of lifting up his spirit again is also a quiet way. He always talks to the people he likes in order to recover himself from sadness. This helps him get his energy back.

Scanned and translated by: Rice @

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Admin Mary
Admin Mary

Barbara wrote:BigBang Interviews M002zg

BIG!! BANG!!! Report
The fastest live report and the publishing of PV photos of the new song, ‘Tonight’


“’Keep the promise with fans’, BIGBANG return gloriously with their new album.

The victorious return after 2 years!

The long awaited ‘BIGBANG 2′ has been released. Please listen to the words that the 5 members say about this album which has been sold well.

It has been about 1 year and 9 months since we released the last album ‘BIGBANG’ and within this period of time, a variety of changes have occurred. Regarding my vocal approaches, I learnt how to control my voice when I have to be tender and when I have to be loud. I have become more mature in this way.

D-LITE (We call him D.L in the following): I have gained experience from the activities in order to improve myself. I think the things that I newly learnt can supplement my original personality. In a nutshell, this piece of work is a great and smooth album.

G-DRAGON (We call him GD in the following): We have been growing a lot. When we are all combining together, we have become smoother.This is the album which can show how we are like now.

DL: Yes, it gives you the feeling that ‘this is how BIGBANG like nowadays’. I think this is the thing that we have accomplished.

GD: During this period of 1 year and 9 months, we started to understand more of our own specialty. I myself has also been maturing in recording and it has become smoother.When I say, ‘sing this song’ everyone can sing it with a voice which can match the feeling of the songs. I think it is our growth when comparing with the previous albums.

VI: Concerning the songs which are included in the album, there is little resemblance that we have in this album with the previous ones. In the previous albums, there are many songs which are upbeat but most of the songs we have included in this album are sad and about separation. We are seeing whether we can receive good responses from the melody and lyrics composed by the more matured BIGBANG.

SOL: Yes. I think that when listening to the 10 songs which are included in the album, the feelings can be different according to the different situations you are in. Therefore, a range of feelings can be found in the music of the album. I think I would like to do more of these in the future.We have also used various methods in producing this album which are different from the previous works. It has given out the feelings of having more layers of the album.

GD: Because the types of the vocals and those of the melodies we have today are more than ever, many thinkings of people have been inluded.

T.O.P.: The title song of the album, ‘LOVE SONG’ has a tinge of western feeling. I think it is the best sign to show our changes individually.

SOL: BIGBANG becoming deeper and darker = freshness. I hope that you can enjoy listening to all of the songs in the album.

V.I.: We have increased our depth of expression when singing the songs because we have accumulated a lot of experience.

DL: You are right.

So, to my impression, our supporters were particularly young girls only young girls but we will be glad if we can attract people from the former generation with this album.

G.D.: In order to attract more people to listen to our music without difficulties, we are also seeking to make music which is more popular.
BigBang Interviews M003ui

GD’s ‘Night Date’ is?
Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Meeting the fans that we have not met for a long time.

Q:The greatest memories you have at night?
A: No comment! (Laugh)

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Riding on a good car, we will have a driving date!

was born on 18th, August, 1988.
Rapper, vocal and leader


The precious answers given by TOP who is living in his own space!?
Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Meeting fans again

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: Hahaha…

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Hahahaha…

was born on 4th November, 1987.
Rapper and an actor


The secret joy that he has in Japan is?
Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: I have mania over beef rice, I am looking forward to Sukiya’s new menu.

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: In the past, I have watched the sky which was wholly covered with stars. I felt so touched since I had witnessed the beauty of the universe.

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: We wear clothes which will not arouse anyone’s attention and have a normal date as other people do.

was born on 12th,December,1990.
Vocal and his solo songs are also on sale

Unexpectedly romantic!?

Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: Being able to feel the same with all the fans when we are on the stage.

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: The episode at night…I don’t know..hmm

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Facing a great nightview, we have a drive and a walk together.


was born on 18th May, 1988. The main vocal of BIGBANG.


‘The greatest’ tonight is…?

Q: What do you feel happy about coming to Japan this time?
A: The tours that I have in Japan.

Q: The greatest memories you have at night?
A: The night that I can go on a tour.

Q:What is your ideal date at night?
A: Having one when we can see the super nightview outside the house!


was born on 26th April, 1989.
Vocal and is also active in variety shows.

The feeling of being an adult has filled the pv of the new song

We are going to reveal at the fastest pace about the their shots of the title song of ‘BIGBANG2′ album, ‘Tonight’ which have placed great emphasis on thrt individual colors and the must-do poses in filmming a PV!

G-Dragon appeared in the opening scene. He wore a wild coat which attracted a lot of attention,he is really the representative of the fashionista from Korea. Then, he changed to black stylistic suit and a top with Dalmatian pattern, etc. He has changed several special pieces of clothes which caught others’ attention. TOP dressed in a piece of suit, his style of clothing together with the girls in the car intensify the feeling of being an adult.VI was standing under the blue sky and singing enthusiastically on the patch where a monument is enacted. His feeling is so colourfully 3-dimensional. SOL was driving a black sports car at night on a street, his sining at the coast of the sea really caught our attention. Then, we will talk about the D-Lite whom has become the key person of the story. He showed his painful, worrying and other expressions when he saw the girl that he loved. We can certainly tell his acting skills from all of these. He was wearing a white shirt in a red car with a open top which made him look irresistibly cool. The passager seat was therefore always filled with a passenger. He has never been involved with a woman and sexy moments like this before. It is uncommon to see such kind of expression which belongs to an adult on his face…

The scenes that the 5 people include night scene and desert and it was necessary for them to change their costumes from time to time. Each person’s dynamic facial expression and movements were captured by the camera and it is also enjoyable to do such kinds of shots. This PV has two versions, both Korean and Japanese version. Therefore, we can also enjoy some fun when we trying to look for the differences in them.

The lyrics of the new song is about the 5 people, I listen to this song every ‘tonight’!

BigBang Interviews M004k

The fastest report on ‘Love & Hope Tour’
About the concert on 13th, May, Chiba Makuhari

It has been about 1 year and 3 months that they hold the tour for the whole nation. In order to express their wish about the relief of the big earthquake, they changed the title of the concert to ‘Love& Tour Tour’ urgently. They started the concert with the title song ‘TONIGHT’ and have received a lot of cheering from the audience. They also performed their newest songs of ‘BIGBANG 2′ They also sang songs like ‘Let me hear your voice’ and ‘Gara Gara Go!’. They sang 24 songs in total and delivered a cool performance which was charming. SOL, D-LITE, VI’s solo songs were revealed at the later stage of the concert which showed their singing power. The duet group of GD&TOP had appeared in the corner riding their segways when their PV was showing in the concert at the same time. At the beginning, V.I. was the MC and he said, ‘ we have fulfilled the promise to come to here again!’ then, screaming could be heard and the yellow lightsticks could also be seen waving everywhere in the concert. When they were doing the encore stage of ‘MY HEAVEN’, the happy faces that every people wore had left a deep impression on us.

Scanned by: Tisya @bigbangupdates
Translated by: Rice @bigbangupdates
Credit: Soompi Big Bang , @21bangs

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Admin Mary
Admin Mary

Big Bang's Interview on iWeekly Magazine Singapore

BigBang Interviews Bigbang

Right after they entered the rest area at the backstage, the 4 boys greeted us very politely with their gentleman looks. Even though they are from a very popular group, they are friendly. It was such a nice surprise to us.

Wearing a pair of thick glasses with a cool hairstyle, T.O.P looked masculine, like always. Leader G-Dragon, who had a pageboy look, transformed from a cool guy into a smiling ambassador with his tiny child-like face that resembled a little prince. Taeyang was wearing his shades, as usual, which made him look fierce at first glance, but his smiles were actually as bright as the sun and he was very playful. Seungri? He transformed into this sad prince who did not speak much.

On their music career
When the interview started, they all spoke very politely, but when we started talking about their music, they got a little serious. From their debut, BIGBANG's music style has evolved from hip-hop to electronica. We asked them what's the next thing they want to try. G-Dragon replied, "Actually, we haven't set any boundaries on our music. It's always good to keep on trying new stuff and not limit ourselves to specific genres."

When we mentioned about how Hallyu is sweeping the world now, T.O.P gave a serious response, "It is an honor to to be able to contribute to the Korean wave and I feel that it's my responsibility to do so. I'm thankful to everyone who loves Korean music."

Having renewed their contracts with YG for another 5 years, we asked them what to expect in the next coming years. The 4 boys looked at each other and laughed and Taeyang, who replied in English said, "We have to enlist in the army." The other members pulled long faces after hearing this and agreed saying, "Yes, all of us have to enlist. It is inevitable."

How about their advancement to the American market? G-Dragon, who has a good grasp in English, answered without waiting for the translator. He said, "Actually, we don't have a fixed plan on which markets to go into but we will go where there are people who want to watch us. Each country has their own excellent artists and it would be great to collaborate with them and produce awesome work."

The secret that cannot be be told
They have been crowned as "fashionistas" from their debut. All of them show a strong interest in fashion but even as a group, they are still able to to present their own colors. T.O.P told us, "Since we focus on group activities, we have to be united in style too."

This got us curious if they sometimes fight and disagree about their own styles. G-Dragon, BIGBANG's fashionista leader, shook his head quickly and said with a smile, "Noooo..."

Some VIPs may not know but even with their charming fashionista looks, these guys are actually very hilarious. From their parodies of dramas like "The Coffee Prince" and "Secret Garden", they showed us how they can also bring many laughters. So, who's the real comedy king in BIGBANG? G-Dragon and T.O.P said in unison, "We are all funny!"

Being acknowledged as the good actor from the group, we asked T.O.P if he has plans on taking up roles in dramas. T.O.P answered, "Uh... I am reading some scripts right now and if I find something interesting, I will consider taking up a role. In fact, there are some plans undergoing now."

What kind of dramas and characters? He said, with a furtive expression, "This is... a... secret."

So, we asked the other members if they also want to try acting. Taeyang, unexpectedly said, "This is... a... secret", imitating T.O.P. Maybe he noticed our expressions so he added, "If there are good dramas, why not?"

Then, we talked about music again. We heard that they are currently busy preparing for their solo albums and that whoever finishes first, gets to release an album first. Taeyang guilefully told us, "We are preparing a lot of things. Progress? It is difficult to say on what stage we are exactly right now because we are updating every second! So... it is a SECRET!"

Let's be friends
We knew we weren't going to get any groundbreaking information from them so we just asked a traditional final question, "What are you planning to do the next?" The replies we got were a bit sentimental.

Taeyang answered seriously without smiling, "We cannot make any concrete plans right now. We are facing a difficult situation and what I can only hope is we can be able to overcome this soon."

G-Dragon, showing his charm as a leader, answered in a light tone, "You probably know that we can only perform with 4 people right now. I sincerely hope that when we come to Singapore next time, there will be 5 people going together."

The atmosphere turned a bit serious so we depended on Seungri, the naughty maknae, to lift up the mood. We talked about why the members always say on variety shows that he has the most number of celebrity contacts. We asked him what's his secret in making lots of friends, which made the other members burst into laughters.

While Seungri was thinking hard of his answer, Taeyang said, "If you want, you can be his friend too!" Seeing Seungri embarrassed, G-Dragon pressed on it further saying, "Yes! Yes! You can be his friend too!" Getting encouraged by G-Dragon and Taeyang, we asked Seungri, "Do you want to have our numbers too?"

It is rare to see the "public speaker" maknae of BIGBANG look embarrassed. The older members looked very satisfied with their teasing and were laughing their heads off. Seungri did not know how to respond right away so Taeyang helped him, "Just be honest. Keep it real (in English). He is really an active, extroverted boy."

So is he saying that he really is the PR guy of the group? Taeyang smiling brightly said, "Yes, that's right! He is genius in making friends." After hearing this, Seungri suddenly murmured, "An open mind is the secret in making friends." He looked a bit proud when he said this.

After all, this is his true color so not matter how he tries to be not hilarious, he is still the funniest and we can say that he was able to gain his final "VICTORY".

Scan from Baidu

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Admin Mary
Admin Mary

G-Dragon's "I'm Having an Affair" Cyworld "Song of the Month" Interview

BigBang Interviews 0NQL4

Q: Congratulations! In the month of July you’ve become one of the most beloved artists and the song “I’m Having An Affair” has been awarded with the digital music award, ‘Song of the Month’! What are your thoughts? ^^

A: In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair.” Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Together with Myungsu hyung~ Also I’d like it if you could enjoy this with the other singing member, Bom noona.

Q: Even though many of you probably already know about this song, “I’m Having An Affair”, could you please introduce the song ^^

A: “I’m Having An Affair” is a result from wanting to create a song that blended well with the summer time, but that was also exciting and made you want to move up and down. Everything with Infinity Challenge went well but above all, working and singing with Myungsoo hyung was easy. I really enjoyed myself while working on this song and I feel the song was released intact!

Q: Through MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ it must have been really hard to meet the combination of G-Dragon, Park MyungSoo and Park Bom~ To have to combine three very different styles of music into one, did you have difficulty?
A: With “I’m Having An Affair” I thought the combination shouldn’t be too daring, I thought it was a good song already with the individuality of each one of the members. I think that Bom noona brought a cool good voice, while MyungSu hyung focused more on the stylish image of the song and had previously gotten ready for it. As a result I think their charms were well exposed in the song and I was proud.

Q: During the preparations for this Festival I think there must have been many episodes with Park Myung Soo-ssi, please tell us one of the most memorable episodes you remember~

A: When recording, Myungsoo hyung worked very hard, that memory has stayed with me. Because there is a certain age difference, I was cautious when speaking but Myungsu hyung was rather active and working with him felt comfortable. ^^ Especially when picking out or wearing clothes, he would wear them without any prejudice and happily, that will remain in my memory.

Q: Many sources showed G-Dragon’s music made an all-kill on all music charts! After this, the expectations of future music coming out from you have become high. Please tell us about future activity plans or album plans. ^^

A: There still aren’t any specific activity plans or plans for an album. However, I will always work hard and I won’t be able to release an album I want until there is a chance for me to do it and until I feel satisfied with the results.

Q: These days, what’s your favorite song? Please introduce it to our Cyworld Music members~

A: I’m not listening to any specific genre in particular. Over the time, there have been a lot of good songs!

Q: Lastly, please convey a greeting to all of your Cyworld fans.

A: In this hot summer, thanks for the love given to “I’m Having An Affair”. Summer of 2011!! If you’re having fun through our music, I’m more than happy^^. In the future, I want to ask for a lot of interest please. Bom noona and Myungsoo hyung, please give them a lot of love! Thank you!


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Admin Mary
Admin Mary

T.O.P's Interview on GQ Magazine April Edition [NEWS]
BigBang Interviews TOPP

GQ: They are saying that you are the "man who looks great in his suits". I think you must be proud of it more than any other expression as a man.
TOP: I think they're saying it because I wear them many times? *laugh* I like them and I enjoy wearing them. Even in my old pictures when I was 5 to 6 years old, I'm in suits, such colorful ones. My mother says that I was always asking her to buy suits when I was young. I wish that I will get older elegantly, so I'll always fit my body into suits.

GQ: Well, you can make your suit fit to your body.
TOP: I work out thinking a bit, yet not severely. I also control on my diet. It's just if I get my arms too big or I lose my pec, my body can't maintain straightly balanced.

GQ: So that was the reason.
TOP: I preferred some unusual outfits from the old times, but now I think classical ones are more difficult to prevent and that's why they're more interesting. I also get a bit excited because there are not many friends at my age who are into them.

GQ: In your old days, you seemed like you're denying it though you look so gorgeous. But then suddenly you came to enjoy the fact that you're good and you seemed much more confident.
TOP: It was just too overwhelming that I have a career that has to show myself to people visually. I had a big stress after I debuted. I didn't really like to be in front of the cameras. I was also afraid of people getting to know me so well. Now I've given up and lost a lot of things. I mean now I think I should be a special man, looking good to the fans who like me.

GQ: I've seen you a lot saying about the "fear of people getting to know me so well".
TOP: I don't think I can do such things because of my personality, but I think I can do something that is out of common sense. I don't want to be someone whom people think so morally and expect from that. I want to be free and always seem new. I don't want to be some kind of "Korea's younger brother". I have some fear of have a "so good image" so I prefer evading it.

GQ: Is that a reason that you always emphasize the character of "TOP", not "Choi Seunghyun"?
TOP: Maybe it's some sort of the rebellious phase that you suffer from when you're young. Let's just say it's a relationship. Don't you get boring if your boyfriend just simply show you everything all at once? I want to make people become curious rather than being bored about me.

GQ: I think the role of TOP that people want you to be, or the other BIGBANG members want you to be, is someone who is very "manly".
TOP: I'm not quite manly like you think I am. When people get to know me, they get surprised that I'm so delicate and so funny. I don't think I am really macho. *laugh* But also, I don't nag about it. I think people misunderstood me because of my rap style, but it's a bit manly and also a bit womanly and I'm always wandering between those two. It's just different from yesterday and will be different tomorrow.

GQ: What do you think of the expression that you look mature?
TOP: No, I don't like it. Anymore.

GQ: I think you have heard of it a lot.
TOP: It's just I have too much thoughts, but then I can't do anything childish later if I have that kind of image. I want to live more young and mischievous.

GQ: You're the oldest one in BIGBANG, yet you're still so young socially. Do you have any gap between them?
TOP: I'm not an arrogant person in the team or to adults. I think a wise person needs to know the difference between the place where to show some politeness and the place where it's intimate. If it's just a daily life, I don't have to think that I'm BIGBANG and I'm a celebrity.

GQ: I think there are three ways to meet the younger ones as a senior. To look down from above, to look down to their level, or to close your eyes. Which way do you prefer to your members/dongsaengs?
TOP: I always look down to their level. Each year, everyone's getting older and becoming an adult. I think the most difficult thing to a man is to be accepted as a "hyung" to others. I just know very well that the more I want to be treated as a "hyung", the more the younger ones don't want to treat me like one.

GQ: Are there times that you think the other members are so childish compared to you?
TOP: They probably think that I am the younger one. *laugh* It's just that we are too different from one another and we've already know that. I think that's the reason why we don't argue a lot, just respecting one another to work something out.

GQ: On the stages, I think TOP is laughing at something as if he's trying not to lose.
TOP: I just keep doing that instinctually. If it's something calculated, anyone will notice it's a fake. I think it's just my sensitivity, my color.

GQ: The stage can be a playground to someone and it can be a room to the other. But that face is like someone who's in a battlefield.
TOP: I usually don't hang around outside and I tend to evade people. I don't use that kind of energy in my daily life so I think I use it on the stages. On the stage, there comes out the other me who is so different from my usual self. It's not that I stand on stages for fun. I just want people to think something like, "Ah, I can't hate that man even if he makes that kind of face".

GQ: You mean some kind of vicarious satisfaction?
TOP: Yes exactly, the vicarious satisfaction. I think what the public wants is someone who is confident on stage. They get comforted by that confidence. When I was young, I got some vicarious satisfaction from the stars from overseas. Sexiness is that kind of thing. It can be a bit selfish, but rather thinking that I want to show something to people during the time, I think that the time will be left in me for the rest of my life whenever I'm on the stage or filming a movie or a drama. I'm doing it by my name, so if I don't do it to my best perfection during the time, it becomes no more than a fool. It's my stage, so I should be the main character.

GQ: Do you think you're taking responsibility of yourself and have an objective view of yourself? We call that
kind of person an adult or a man.
TOP: I tried to always be objective and be responsible for my words. I see myself don't speak that much as time
passes and as I get more popular and more people noticing me, at that moment, I would just spit out some jokes,
but being careful with my words.

GQ: I think we can say it like this about a boy who started his social life in an idol group, growing up to an adult who has reach a certain level of society. Started working a bit earlier than others, but he just stays at a certain level. He has some limit and he can't experience various situations and know/reach people and I think many are frustrated because of that reason.
TOP: I really feel like I've grown very fast, but I don't think I want to be more mature. I'm not afraid about how my look will change. I mean I want to stay with this teenage sensibility. Maintaining this innocence, I think that's where the good artistic things come from. On the other hand, I think the most difficult thing is to be aged as I get older. We can't act more mature than our age as well as we can't act so childish than our age either. I just want to be the most awesome person among my peers.

GQ: So you're saying that it is important to live a life while aging?
TOP: Well, can we? For example, I can't just hang out with my friends drinking outside. It's not quite right
behaving as the oldest one in BIGBANG. If there's a rumor saying someone saw TOP somewhere, that doesn't mean
he/she saw TOP. It means that he/she saw BIGBANG.

GQ: This BIGBANG album seems to be a little stepped back compared GD&TOP's album which was much more classic. I thought it (BIGBANG's album) was a bit flat.
TOP: We did everything that we really wanted to do making GD&TOP. We wrote what we want, made what we want, but as for BIGBANG, the public expects something different from GD&TOP's concept. For example, let's say there's a commercial film director who tried making an art film. I think there will be very few people who would like the color of the film. If the director is expected commercially by the public, I think it's also his responsibility to make an effort to show them what they want.

GQ: I won't deny your position and your opinion, but I was just expecting more, thinking it's BIGBANG, right? And it was after I listened to the members' solo albums, thinking that they can be more powerful, more different.
TOP: Well, I had a different thought. When GD&TOP's album was printed out, I first checked the credits and the lyrics that I'd worked on and right when I saw it, I felt relieved. I did everything that I could with
BIGBANG's album, knowing that it will be looked upon among the mass public, so I just thought that it was ok. GD&TOP is made of two people who have very, very different colors, so it doesn't have an effect no matter what they do or how much they stand out. But when it's BIGBANG, if there's one person who stands out much more than the others or we can't get together, then I think that's the our weak point. Too many strong personalities.

GQ: Many people are now accepting that BIGBANG is not our usual idols; however, other idol communities are saying like this about BIGBANG, "Idols should show themselves on TV a lot more and release their albums more. That's what makes them artists." Well, in fact, the best idol groups in Korea are like that right? Do you think BIGBANG is now growing up to be an artist?
TOP: Yes. Say that BIGBANG is the senior, we must be different blueprints setting up a new path, making our juniors dream of doing what we're doing some day. I don't think that something bad may happen to BIGBANG, but who knows what's going to happen. If that kind of thing does happen, we want to be a wise team which has never existed in the past and be above it. It's not we're ignoring today's idol seniors. We're just saying that we can make it better.

GQ: Are you disappointed if we call today's BIGBANG just idols?
TOP: No. I like to be called an idol. I'm now 25 and when I'm 30, I won't be able to be called like that. *laugh*

GQ: Wishing that you want to live like your age?
TOP: In fact the word is good. I always want to be someone's idol, but I just hope that it's not the image of what Korean people think.

GQ: Your actual aim was not the idol.
TOP: Yeah, right. There were hard times, but now I think I was rather happy. How many good rappers do you think can get so much love in return? I just think that I'm a very happy man.

GQ: Your aim was not an idol, but you had the exact plan for an idol, losing weight, dancing, and acting. But what do you think is the difference between you and the other idols?
TOP: I want to be called the man who's doing music, instead of the man who's a singer for the rest of his life.

GQ: You're saying that you're considering more of the big picture, the music?
TOP: Yes. I want to hear more of the man who's doing music, trying to develop his other abilities by doing acting, instead of he just wanted to get more popular by it. I just want to do what I can do in depth. I want to do something that has a message/meaning in it, not just for popularity.

GQ: For one second, I thought you're going to say that it's because you're doing hip-hop.
TOP: I had that thought when I was young, but hip-hop just became one of my colors because I've been
doing it since I was so young. I think you can say you like it or not, but you can't judge whether it's good or
bad. That's just not polite. I don't want to cover myself saying I'm the best if you're not seeing me well because
of my appearance. I just think that I can improve as time passes, keep doing my best at it. There's
always a reason that someone does something for such a long time.

GQ: I think BIGBANG is aiming something different from the success, socially.
TOP: Well, to be honest, it's not quite smart and not calculated either. I think it's the self-hypnosis that makes us talk to people more confidently. I do a lot of that. Standing more close to the public, wishing to have some more freedom, I think all of those may be the self-hypnosis. We know if we long for it, we can be like that. We're not the ones dreaming to have a business or planning to debut in the U.S. It's enough for us to be confident with our music whether it's in overseas or in Korea or even it's to ourselves, but that's also my problem. I don't have that much confidence.

GQ: Well, you didn't look into other people. We have so many things that needs to be slap!
TOP: Having a lack of confidence makes me check myself once more and be able to calm myself down. I've never been that satisfied with myself. There are too many things to show you, but I just don't want to show you all at once. For example, releasing GD&TOP's album at such a non-expected timing or me acting some kind of a student soldier abruptly. It makes me so excited when I surprise people like that.

GQ: But that excitement is just a second and a daily life lasts very long. It's not good for you to live most of your life not satisfied.
TOP: I'm always lonely, suffering from the emptiness, but I've abandoned a bit of the burden. I don't think there's anymore of the "human Choi Seunghyun". I've given up on my private life and I hope my private life doesn't exist.

GQ: Excuse me? you said that you're hoping it doesn't exist?
TOP: Yes, I hope it doesn't exist. Even when I get older, people become lazy when they have some rest. I hope I'm the one who's always working. For now, I hope there's no private life for me for a while.

GQ: I didn't get to think that the reason TOP looks so confident, not like from the old days, is because he gave up on his private life.
TOP: Yes, I thought so, but I became more positive. People say that I look more brightened and I even think that I
opened my mind a bit more. I think I've given up too much of my mind already. *laugh*

GQ: So, now you think you're great?
TOP: Not at all.

GQ: No way.
TOP: I want to be great. I've always hoped like that. I think there's nothing better than to be told "You're great" as a man, but I don't bind myself with that word.

GQ: It's better than the word itself I suppose?
TOP: *laugh* If that word is the outfit the public wants me to wear, I'll wear it. If that's what my career needs, the style, the greatness, then I must willing to be a great person.

GQ: Did you become feeling a little bit of rebellious or feeling a bit skeptical because of the many people around you saying that you're a wonderful person?
TOP: There are not so many people around me as well as the celebrity friends. I've heard it a lot actually, but really is that what they think of me? *laugh* I thought they just say it because they want me to feel good.

GQ: This is the bad thing that the giving up on your private life can give you. That kind of flattery is from your father's generation.
TOP: If I have a girlfriend, I want to be a proud boyfriend even to her friends. To become a man like that, I think I need more true heart than just using my appearance. I've always thought that kind of man is the man who's great.

GQ: You're saying that you want to be the man who's great for having an entitlement to wear a suit, not the man who's great because he's wearing one.?
TOP: I always think the heart comes first than the appearance.

Magazine scanned by: Ramel @ DCTOP
Translated by: HuisuYoon @

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Admin Mary

GQ: What do you think of the expression that you look mature?
TOP: No, I don't like it. Anymore.

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