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Mir's profil

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1Mir's profil Empty Mir's profil on Sat Jul 30, 2011 8:28 am


Admin Mary
Admin Mary
Mir 미르 aka Bang Chul Yong 방철용
maknae, rapper, chucky, country boy, hongki's long lost twin, hyperness overload

Mir's profil 20110114352661

DOB: March 10, 1991
Blood Type: A
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Skills: laughing, unhygienic activities, being bullied, being sexually involved with fellow member Joon

Mir's profil Ncaxhe

─═☆☆═─ BIG ♡ BANG ─═☆☆═─

Mir's profil Tumblr_m55hkxeKpk1r8r6hvo8_250
DON'T LEAVE ME.......... BACK TO ME ! :kss:
Mir's profil Tumblr_m52vynvUjX1rwtnzto5_250
You Killing Me NOW :ksbdh: :kashs: :dyeh:
Mir's profil Tumblr_m52vynvUjX1rwtnzto4_250
You Are My Monster :kashs: :odsbg:

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