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Introducing Dara

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1Introducing Dara Empty Introducing Dara Fri Jul 29, 2011 11:50 pm


Teach Admin Danai
Teach Admin Danai

Introducing Dara BIO_DARA
Birth Name: Sandara Park
English Name: Sandara Park
Stage Name: Dara
Position(s): Vocals
Date of Birth: 12 Nov 1984
Blood Type: A
Height: 162cm
Religion: None
Languages: Tagalog, Korean, English, Chinese

Dara was first celebrity in the Philippines, where she gained success
within the entertainment industry as an actress, television host and
singer. She starred in multiple dramas, movies and commercials, and had
released a novelty album as well. In 2006, she abruptly announced that
she would be moving back to Korea to find success there but that attempt
proved to be nothing more than wasted efforts. She once again went back
to the Phillipines, hoping to get a second chance from her fans but
this too, did not work out. She moved back to Korea in 2007, still
promising her loyal fans back in the Phillipines that she was find
success in Korea one day and joined YG Entertainment and debuted as an
actress first, then a singer later on. Dara has a younger brother,
Cheondoong of MBLAQ.

2Introducing Dara Empty Re: Introducing Dara Mon Aug 01, 2011 6:03 am


Teach Admin Danai
Teach Admin Danai

[me2DAY] 110626 DARA: “End of the recording!”
Introducing Dara 34pff69

사녹끝!!!비맞고 기다리느라 수고했어요!^.*그래도 우리랑 오랫동안 같이있어서 좋았나요..?^^;;첨에 응원들을때 초큼 오그라들긴했지만 완전 좋았어요!ㅋㅋ랙잭 제일잘나가!아 글구 더기 오늘 같이놀러왔어요!꽈~연!더기랑 난 친해질수잇을것인가?퉤니원티비로 확인하세용!이히히

End of the recording!!! Everyone worked hard, waiting in the rain for us! ^.* Still, wasn’t it nice being together with us for so long..?^^;; When I first heard the fan chants, I thought it was a bit cheesy but I really liked it! Ke ke Blackjacks are the best! Ah, also Dougie came to play today! In the~ end! Will I be able to get close with Dougie? Please tune into 2NE1 TV to find out! Ehehe

source: ygladies

[ME2DAY] DARA’s me2day update!
Introducing Dara 2hx7sqd
여긴 현관.. 문을 열고 숙소에 들어어니.. 누군가가 날 지켜보고있다!!! 이 익숙한 느낌.. 제작년부터 매년 여름 공개해오던 우리의 일상.. 또?!? 두둥!!! 오마이갓!ㅋㅋㅋ

TRANSLATION: This is the entrance .. I opened the door and was going inside our apartment.. but someone is watching me!!! This familiar feeling.. Starting the year before last year, every summer our daily lives were revealed.. Now it’s happening again?!? Doodoong!!! Oh my god! Ke ke ke
Introducing Dara 2ngtw6d

여긴 거실..ㅠㅠ오랜만에 여기저기 카메라 달려있으니까 좀 어색하고 그러네요ㅋㅋ애들이 편한차림으로 돌아다니지도못하고..ㅋ아!! 엠피쓰리 이벤트 오늘로 마감할게용!!생각해보니 오늘밤 열두시 음원공개자나요?^^ 아..이거 나도 궁금한데..이벤트끝나기전에 들으러 한번가봐?!

TRANSLATION: This is the living room..ㅠㅠ Seeing a camera hanging here after so long is a bit strange ke ke Now the kids can’t run around in their regular clothes.. ke Ah!! The MP3 event ends today!! Now that I think about it tonight at 12AM the song is coming out right?^^ Ah.. I’m curious of this too.. should I go and listen once before the event ends?!

Source: Dara’s me2day
Translation credit: GEE@YGLadies

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