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News about 2PM

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101News about 2PM - Page 5 Empty Re: News about 2PM Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:46 pm


Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Interview ViVi Part 1 (Nichkhun, Chansung, Junsu)

News about 2PM - Page 5 Vivi

--- What is it that stands out in your memory from the trainee days?

When I couldn’t speak Korean, Taecyeon stayed with me helping to communicate with people. From Junsu, I learned a lot about singing, I would always ask him “How can you sing that well?”

--- What was the toughest thing before the debut?
I think I always was frustrated and anxious. I didn’t know anything about dancing, singing and Korean. “Why did they choose me?” I even wondered like that.

--- How did you manage to go through the tough time?

Efforts bear fruit, anyway!

--- Was it very embarrassing to rip your shirts off on stage, when you first did it?
Yes, it’s true. When I was skinny, it was so embarrassing. However, as I worked out, it soon made a difference. And I love to tone up my body.

--- What is your personal motto?

“To receive is to give.” You cannot receive anything at least you give something to others. We must give first.

---When do you think you are “wild”?
When I am working out, I always want to defeat somebody. I work hard to win.

--- What is Nichkhun’s secret?

He looks very sweet, but he is a real man actually. He’s a man in a million. (Taecyeon)
He sleeps early. Thanks to that, I got used to going to bed early because we share one room. (Chansung)

---Do you have a confidence about your appearance?
Yes, I love the way I look. (LOL) …Reasons? Isn't it sad to hate myself? You should love yourself first!

--- You are in charge of 2PM’s “sexiness”, right?
(LOL) I like it too. I think it can also be one of the competitive characteristics to attract women.

--- Which part of 2PM’s performance do you want to improve?

In general, we are still immature, but I want to improve my talking skills and acrobatics.

--- What is your personal motto?

Before it was “We gain nothing without losing”. However, I read a book and it says “People tend to think that the world is full of bad news, and the reason why people think like that is because this world is full of happiness and lovely things.” I agree with that so my thoughts have changed. Then, I have promised myself if there something bad happens, take that with an open heart and behave positively.

--- You see a girl in a balcony alone at a party. What would you do?

I would bring healthy drink from overdrinking. We would chat for a little while and I would suggest her to lie down. (Other members oppose to lying her down!) Huh? Isn’t it a home party? Then I’d chat with her till dawn. (LOL)

---What is Chansung’s unforeseen aspect?

He reads a lot, especially books about psychology. (LOL) (Junsu)


--- Are you 2PM’s leader?
(LOL) No, I’m not. There’s no leader in 2PM. I am the main vocalist.

--- Who do you think improved the most?

I think it’s Chansung. He wasn’t really good at both dancing and singing, but as he worked hard, he became so much better.

--- When do you feel happy as a member of 2PM?
It’s been 3 years since we have debuted, and as our name is getting known well by many people, I feel a little bit more confident being a member of 2PM and growing up together. Besides, throughout our life as a group, we developed a strong bond and a caring heart for each other. It’s like I learned what a social life is from 2PM. Furthermore, I’d say I learned what being a human is.

--- Were you a delinquent before, by any chance?
Before I became a member of 2PM, I was… What should I say… I was a very quiet and earnest person. I met friends here and came out of my shell.

---When do you think you are “wild”?

I would say my wildness is my passion. When Igot into music, my passion for it was overflowing, but actually, music and I are so close thatI even feel like these days I haven’t beentoo passionate about music. However, when I did both arrangement and singing on KBS’s “Immortal Songs 2”, I stayed up all night and worked in order to make a perfect composition. I realized that I’m still so enthusiasticabout music.

---What is Junsu’s unforeseen aspect?

I thought he was just a funny person, however, recently I’ve realized how dependable of a man he really is. (Junho)
These days he is getting his individuality established. (Taecyeon)!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM performed I'm Your Man on Music Japan!

News about 2PM - Page 5 2pmimyourman

Music Japan presented the KPop special episode and 2PM appeared as performers on the show.
Besides,the boys also demonstrated some tips to keep their body fit,check out the video below!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM revealed BTS cuts for HANDS UP ASIA TOUR in SEOUL 2011!

News about 2PM - Page 5 110902_2PM__02-copy

Check out the BTS video of the 2PM's boys during their 2011 Hands Up Seoul Concert,they boys will perform in various countries soon,do you anticipate their concert in your country?!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM’s Taecyeon gets spotted attending classes

News about 2PM - Page 5 20110927_13171097111

Well, it seems like SNSD‘s Yuri and Sooyoung weren’t the only ones visiting their college campus this week, as 2PM‘s Taecyeon was also recently spotted at his university.

On September 27th, an online community board uploaded a photo of the star in class along with the caption, ‘It’s been a while since Ok Taecyeon went to school, and he’s busy giving out autographs‘.

The writer added, “It’s been a year since Ok Taecyeon came to school since his leave of absence.”

In the photos, Taecyeon is seen sporting a casual style as he tries to blend in with his classmates. Of course, it didn’t stop the students from gathering around him to ask for his autograph, but Taecyeon kindly greeted everyone and signed autographs.

Netizens commented, “I wish our school had celebrities too“, “I’m so jealous. People are sharing a class with Taecyeon“, and “He’s just oozing with the handsome college student vibe“.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Who is Jay Park’s favorite girl group?

News about 2PM - Page 5 20110927_jaebum1

Singer Jay Park recently confessed that his favorite girl group was none other than 2NE1!

Jay Park’s upcoming movie, ‘Mr. Idol‘, held a press conference on September 28th to promote their movie to the media. During the Q&A session, the cast members were asked to name their favorite idol group. Jay Park chose 2NE1, and his co-star Im Won Hee concurred. Actress Park Ye Jin also chose 2NE1, but named Big Bang as well. Meanwhile, Ji Hyun Woo chose Chocolat and Jang Seo Won picked SNSD.

Jay Park’s movie ‘Mr. Idol’ will be released in October.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Jay Park talks briefly about his 2PM days at “Mr. Idol” press conference

News about 2PM - Page 5 20110928_jaypark_1

A press conference for DJ Entertainment‘s new movie ‘Mr. Idol‘ took place on the 28th at Lotte Cinema in Seoul. In attendance were Kim Suro, Park Yejin, Ji Hyunwoo, Jay Park, and others.

Jay Park plays the role of a member in the fictional idol group, Geo. When asked if his personal experience in an idol group helped him act out his character, Jay replied,“During my 2PM days, I got along great with the guys. We never really had any problems.”

The former 2PM member had flown back to America after his scandal broke out, retiring from the group. He came back to Korea with a new solo album and is attempting acting for the first time.

The movie itself is about a failing idol group that meets intense producer Oh Goo Joo (played by Park Yejin). After going through aggressive training sessions they become top stars.

Celebrities such as Nam Kyuri, U-Kiss, Brave Girls & Chocolat also make cameo appearances in the movie. Mr. Idol is scheduled to hit the big screen sometime in October.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM’s Taecyeon added to the cast of Kim Tae Hee’s Japanese drama

News about 2PM - Page 5 20110929_boku-to-star_taecyeon

Fuji TV has just announced that 2PM‘s Taecyeon is going to become a regular on their upcoming Sunday drama “Boku to Star no 99 Nichi“.

“Boku to Star no 99 Nichi” is starring Japanese actor Nishijima Hidetoshi and South Korean actress Kim Tae Hee as the two main characters. Earlier this month, it was already announced that the young actress Sakuraba Nanami was added to the cast, making Taecyeon the fourth known regular on the show.

The story is about a South Korean superstar named ‘Yuna‘ (Kim Tae Hee), who happens to fall in love with her Japanese bodyguard ‘Kohei‘ (Nishijima).

Taecyeon plays a mysterious young man called ‘Teson‘, who seems to share some kind of secret with Yuna that could have a big influence on her relationship with her Kohei. Teson used to live towards a certain dream, but he had to give up on this dream due to some unknown events in his past. However, it is Kohei’s niece ‘Momo‘ (Sakuraba) that makes him pursue his dream once again. We will have to find out what kind of events led them to cross each other’s paths, but it could be related to Momo’s growing jealousy towards the relationship between Yuna and Kohei.

News about 2PM - Page 5 20110925_boku-to-star

Taecyeon already played a couple of roles in Korean dramas, but it will be his first regular role on a Japanese drama.

The producer of the drama commented, “We needed someone who can by mysterious and make his presence felt by others at the same time. Outside of his role, Taecyeon is a very polite and bright person, who always manages to create a cheerful atmosphere at the set. He is going to bring a breath of fresh air to the Japanese drama scene.”

Taecyeon commented, “It’s my first role in a Japanese drama and I’m really happy to be able to work together with such a wonderful cast and such an amazing staff. I will exert myself to the best of my abilities in order to polish my acting as much as I can.”

“Boku to Star no 99 Nichi” will premier on Fuji TV on October 23rd and air every Sunday at 9 pm.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

MYNAME Seyong: How is He Connected to 2PM & 2AM?

News about 2PM - Page 5 20qnifm

Seyong of MYNAME, formerly referred to as "Hwanhee Boys," is currently getting attention for his pre-debut photos.

The interest in Seyong arose after friendly photos of him with Taecyeon, Wooyoung, Nichkhun, and other 2PM members, as well as with 2AM's Jinwoon, and Miss A's Suzy, were revealed to the public. They are from when Seyong was a JYPE trainee; he passed the JYPE audition when he was a junior high school student in 2007 and underwent training for about 3 years.

After that, he regrettably had to leave due to personal circumstances and withdrew from training at JYPE in order to immerse himself in schoolwork, however, unable to abandon his dream of becoming a singer, he has now emerged as a member of MYNAME. It's said that even now Seyong frequently interacts with the members of 2PM and 2AM. It's also said that as he was once again preparing to debut, Seyong received a lot of support and encouragement from them.

Meanwhile, Seyong, now in MYNAME, is set to debut into the world of music in October.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM releases teaser for Japanese single, “Ultra Lover”

Following on the heels of their hot single, “I’m Your Man“, 2PM has released a video teaser for their new Japanese song, “Ultra Lover“!

While many Korean idols rely on recycling their old tracks for their career in Japan, 2PM has been raising the bar by releasing brand new, original songs. “Ultra Lover” sounds like a medium-tempo ballad with some R&B influences. With soothing harmonies and a piano melody, the boys have taken a softer approach with this track.

Check it out below!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Nichkhun shows off his lucky four-leaf clover

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111003_nichkhun

On October 3rd, 2PM‘s Nichkhun shared a cute photo of himself holding a four-leaf clover with the tweet, “I thought four-leaf clovers were really rare..I went looking for some and I found 8 of them hahaha“.

In the photo, Nichkhun is posing cutely for the camera while holding up a four-leaf clover for his fans to see.

Fans left comments like, “You uploaded this the day before my exam, thank you!”, “You are so lucky!”, and “I’ve never even found one, and you found eight?!”

It looks like Nichkhun has a lot of luck heading his way thanks to his eight four leaf-clovers!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM and miss A attend production conference for ‘Touch Korea’

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111003_touckorea_1

On October 4th, 2PM and miss A attended the production conference for their 2011 interactive campaign movie, “Hello“, at the Lotte Cinema in Seoul. The two idol groups were honorary ambassadors for ‘Touch Korea‘ and the Korea Tourism Organization.

“Hello” is an interactive movie created to spread awareness about Korea’s beautiful traditional culture. In the movie, the idols take a trip across Korea with fans and viewers to introduce the nation’s history and culture.

The Korea Tourism Organization stated, “We will be appointing 2PM and miss A, the representative idol groups of Hallyu, as honorary ambassadors for the Korea Tourism Organization. 2PM and miss A have been earning widespread popularity all across Asia, and we feel that their influence will be best used to raise awareness for Korea.”

The movie is scheduled for release by the end of this month. Check out photos from the event below!

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111003_touckorea_5 News about 2PM - Page 5 20111003_touckorea_9

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111003_touckorea_2 News about 2PM - Page 5 20111003_touckorea_4!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM’s Jun. K unleashes concept photos for his solo debut this week!

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_021

JYP Entertainment has just informed allkpop that 2PM hottie Jun. K (Junsu) is returning to the spotlight with his very own solo debut!

On the morning of October 5th, a brand new concept photo revealed that the idol underwent an intense transformation. There’s no question that Jun. K has always oozed a certain masculine appeal, but with these latest photos, the singer’s stepped up his game and is looking as sexy as ever.

Impressing both fans and music aficionados with his self-composed track “HOT” and guest-featuring in Kan Mi Youn‘s “Sunshine”, Jun. K has proved himself to be not only an apt singer, but a well-rounded musician as well. Indeed, a spokesperson from JYP commented, “It’ll be good to have high hopes and expectations from Jun. K to go beyond his pop idol status to a musician in a new direction.”

The concept photos play with a dramatic monochrome color scheme with a dash of red, showcasing Jun. K in two full suits: a red one matched with a unbutton black shirt and chain necklaces, and a black one with a white button-up and a black bow tie.

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_05

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_04

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_03

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_01!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM’s Jun. K drops teaser for solo debut track, “ALIVE”

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_05

Ever since 2PM‘s debut, member Jun. K (Junsu) has been praised for his all-around musical talent, from his soulful vocal pipes to a knack at composing his own tracks. With that in mind, it should come as no surprise that he’s making his official solo debut this month, starting with the release of a music video for his brand new track, “ALIVE”!

Now, he’s dropped a hot teaser that combines all of these talents! The teaser opens with an orchestral introduction and the words “NO ♥”, which suddenly breaks down into a sexy electronic hip hop beat.

Fans who attended 2PM’s recent concerts have been able to hear Jun. K perform “Alive” onstage and given rave reviews, so we’re expecting a lot from this official release.

Check out the teaser below!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

Nichkhun endorses new camera for Samsung in Thailand

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111005_khun_11

An online community message board revealed a Youtube clip of 2PM member Nichkhun‘s newest endorsement advertisement for Samsung.

Nichkhun is currently the Thai model for Samsung, and recently shot a commercial with a foreign model. In the advertisement video, he acts as a paparazzi, following the model discreetly with Samsung’s new MultiView MV800 camera. He is wearing a blue hip-length jacket, highlighting his extraordinary facial features and his long legs. Not only is he one of Hallyu’s leading K-pop icons, his ever-rising fame in his home country of Thailand is just as explosive.

Netizens responded with comments such as, “I wish he was a real paparazzi“, “Looks good, as always“, “I want to take a picture with him, too“, and “Now a hot model!”

Nichkhun also visited Bangkok, Thailand for a special meet & greet event to further promote the camera.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM’s Chansung to become a macho thief for Japanese drama, “Kaito Royale”

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111006_kaito-royale_chansung

Today it was announced that 2PM‘s Chansung has been cast in the upcoming midnight drama “Kaito Royale” (TBS), his first regular role in a Japanese drama.

“Kaito Royale” is a live-action adaption of a popular social game on Mobage, where players are able to become different types of phantom thieves and collect treasures. With the announcement of the drama one month ago, we’ve already learned that actor Matsuzaka Tori is going to disguise himself as an intelligent thief, actress Omasa Aya as a sexy thief, and actor Fukushi Seiji a technically gifted thief.

The ‘skilled type’ actually isn’t part of the game and so fans and players were curious whether the strong, ‘macho type’ would make into the drama as well. Today, TBS finally announced that there indeed will be a macho thief named Jack, and that he is going to be played by 2PM’s Chansung. Being a trained martial artist with high ranks in Taekwondo and Kumdo, he sure seems to fit into the role well.

Chansung commented, “I hope you will not only remember me as a singer, but also as Chansung the actor.” Furthermore he added, “I’m still in the process of improving my Japanese, but I want to tackle the role of ‘Jack‘ with all my strength.”

As he stated in his comments, he might not yet impress people with his Japanese, but it’s said that he has already left the actors’ martial-arts teacher dumbfounded, when he demonstrated his Taekwondo skills on the set.

He also already won over the heart of the producer of the show, who commented, “The action scenes with Chansung are the highlights of the drama. I’m a guy, but even I think that he’s cool.”

Together with the announcement of Chansung’s role, TBS also revealed that Maya Kyoko, Sasaki Nozomi, and Shimojo Atomu are going to take part in this drama.

Back in September, there were rumors of Chansung joining the cast for Fuji TV’s, ‘My 99 Days with a Star‘ but that role went to fellow member Taecyeon, now Chansung has his own role in “Kaito Royale.”

TBS is schedule to air the first episode of “Kaito Royale” on October 28th.

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111006_kaito-royale_001!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM’s Jun. K releases single “Alive” for his solo debut!

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111004_2pmjunksolo_01

2PM member Jun. K (Junsu)’s got fans excited with concept photos and MV teaser released, and now he has unleashed “Alive” for his solo debut!

As we patiently wait for the release of the music video, check out “Alive” below. Make sure to support him by purchasing the music.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Nichkhun shows his loving relationship with his sister

News about 2PM - Page 5 314751_297474583601790_278904782125437_1449799_383377074_n

On October 6th, an online community board posted a picture of 2PM‘s Nichkhun with his sister, along with the title “Can Nichkhun have such a loving relationship with his sister?”

The picture showed Nickhun and his sister posing cutely with their faces pressed against each other.

Jealous Netizens commented, “A selca with his face against his sisters!”, “They actually look like a real couple”, “Jealous of their relationship”, and “They look like they’re so close to each other”.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM tweets their support of Junsu’s “Alive” solo debut

News about 2PM - Page 5 298369_297727853576463_278904782125437_1450783_873581884_n

Earlier today, 2PM‘s Junsu released his solo debut single, “Alive“, under the moniker ‘Jun.K‘. His fellow members have taken to their Twitters to support his debut with encouraging messages.

Taecyeon wrote, “Do you feel alive? Jun2daKay’s solo single Alive!! Please give it a lot of love~ Jun K~ Panda~ Daegu man~ Broadcast man~ Feeling so alive~ P.S. It’s been a while since I’ve been on Twitter… Kim Junsu, I’m tweeting now because of you keke.”

He later added, “I’m so happy for Jun2daKay’s solo album!! In celebration of ‘Alive’, here’s a hot off the press sel-ca taken at the night market in Taiwan!!”

Meanwhile, Nichkhun wrote, “T.S. : Alive – Jun. K of 2PM, @Jun2daKAY I gotchu man! “Throw ur hands in the air if u feel it too.” Junho simply commented, “JUN.K First digital single. “ALIVE” released.”

Junsu finally wrapped up the series of tweets by commenting, “My first solo track, Jun. K – ‘Alive’, has been released on various digital music sites. It’s my fourth composition that’s being released! Please give it love ^-^.”

Also be sure to check out their preview of the next ‘Real 2PM‘!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM, 3rd JP Single "Ultra Lover" and Live DVD to be Released in November

News about 2PM - Page 5 294599_297769196905662_278904782125437_1450998_465016065_n

Not too long ago interest in the 6-member dance performance group originating from Korea, 2PM, increased after it was announced that members Taecyeon and Chansung would be participating in dramas. Now it's been revealed that they will be releasing their new single "Ultra Lover" on November 2.

After their previous work "I'm your man" which came out only 3 months ago, this will be their 3rd single released in Japan under the same name as the title: a rhythmical synth beat number about wanting to embrace a love that is greater than any other. Like their previous works, this song was composed by their company head J.Y. Park "The Asiansoul" and Super Changddai. A teaser of their PV has already started streaming on their official site, so those who are interested should check it out. The coupling track will be the Japanese version of their hit Korean song "I'll Be Back."

Furthermore, a DVD titled "1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 'Take off' in MAKUHARI MESSE 2011" will be released on the same day, containing footage of the concert they held at Makuhari Messe in Chiba during their first tour last spring. The First Press Limited Edition will include an offshot tour documentary DVD and a live photobook.

<2PM "Ultra Lover" Contents>
1. Ultra Lover
2. I'll be back -Japanese ver.-
3. Ultra Lover (without main vocal)
4. I'll be back -Japanese ver.- (without main vocal)

[First Press Limited Edition Type A]
- the DVD will contain the original music video for "Ultra Lover" and the Korean music video for "I'll be back"
- includes 1 random trading card (out of 7 total)

[First Press Limited Edition Type B]
- includes 32 page photobook of previously unreleased photos specifically taken for this work
- includes 1 random trading card (out of 7 total)

[Regular Press]
- includes 1 random trading card (out of 7 total) only for the first press version

*6 versions of the trading cards will be member solo photo cards that purchasers can use to participate in an event, while the remaining version is a 2PM logo card that can be used to apply for special goods.
*Purchasers can participate in a high touch/high five event using the member solo photo cards. Details on the event will be announced on the official site at a later date.

<2PM '1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 "Take off" in MAKUHARI MESSE 2011' Contents>
1. Concert Intro
2. What time is it now?
3. Don't Stop Can't Stop
4. I hate you
5. Without U
6. I Can't
7. Only you
8. Tired of waiting
9. Take off
10. I'll be back
11. 10 out of 10 (10/10)
12. My life 4 U
13. Gimme the light
14. Again&again
15. Heartbeat -Japanese ver.-
16. Thank you
17. Again&again (Remix)
18.I hate you (Lounge mix)
19. Take off

[Disc-2] *only for the First Press Limited Edition
- 1st JAPAN TOUR 2011 "Take off" TOUR document!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM・Wooyoung has completely turn in to a DJ!?

News about 2PM - Page 5 315910_298202263529022_278904782125437_1452843_294033879_n

In a BOOK in BOOK 『Kan★Star』at the end of the magazine All★Star Cover: Katou Miliyah, featuring 『Dream High』for the second week「2PM・Wooyoung Edition」has been introduced! This drama 『Dream High』where several Korean stars starting from 2PM starred as students of Kirin Arts School. With that I’ve decided to give some coverage of an inside story.

The protagonists of this drama are students that dream to debut as artists so Wooyoung-san has been taking pictures with accessories that are associated with music such as headphones and records.

Listening to music, after being given the cue Wooyoung-san gently picks up the record lying beside him. Then Wooyoung-san performed an ad-lib, pretending to be a DJ (pretending to scratch the record)! He acted it out with a funny expression which made all the staffs that are in charge of the event laughed. With Wooyoung-san’s DJ imitation the atmosphere of the entire place immediately became harmonic.

Furthermore, Wooyoung-san also acted like he was being troubled over which record he should choose while listening to the headphone with one ear. Because Wooyoung-san’s smart antics flew out one after another, the photo shoot ended nicely. Wooyoung-san was really service minded.

Please check out All★Star magazine where Wooyoung-san has made appearance in it by all means.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva


News about 2PM - Page 5 Vivi

Q: テギョンはワンピースの漫画の中での人が一番好き?その理由は?
TY: ゾロ!髪色が緑だから~
Q: Which character do you like the best in the One Piece manga?
Taec: Zolo, because his hair is green~

Q: ニックンの慣れてる人は、誰ですか?教えて下さい☆
NK: 両親です。仕事面ではJ.Y.Parkさん!
Q: Whom do you admire the most?
Khun: My parents. When it comes to my job, J.Y.Park.

Q: ハイタッチ会の時、ウヨンは何を考えながら私達とハイタッチしてくれてたんですか? ウヨンの目が優し過ぎて (*^^*)
WY: とても幸せでしたし、ファンの皆様への感謝の気持ちでやりました。
Q. What were you think about during the high-five event? Your eyes were so tender (*^^*)
Woo: I was very happy and thankful for the fans.

Q: ジュノに会いたくて仕方ないのですが、これは病気ですか??
JH: wwww いいえ!! 絶対病気ではありません!!^^
Q. I am dying to see you. Is this some kind of illness?
Ho: lol No! It's not a disease!^^

Q: いつか日本のHOTTEST の為にも曲を作ってくれますか?
JS: 作ります♥ 楽しみしてください!
Q. Will you compose a song for J-Hottest one day as well?
Su: I will ♥ Please look forward to it!

Q: これから演技に挑戦するとしたらどんな役を演じてみたいですか?
CS: 犯人役&恋人役? ^^;
Q. What kind of role would you like to play in the future?
Chan: A criminal or someone's lover? ^^;!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Jay Park does not compromise when it comes to his career

News about 2PM - Page 5 20111007_jaypark_12

On October 7th, SBS Radio‘s PowerFM held a live event at Haeundae, titled ‘The 16th Annual Busan International Film Festival Special, Gong Hyung Jin’s CineTown‘. In attendance was Kim Suro, Park Yejin, & Jay Park of ‘Mr. Idol‘.

Kim Suro did not disappoint at the event, he was witty and hilarious as usual. When Jay Park messed up after rapping freestyle, Kim Suro remarked, “This is the beauty of a live show. I like Jay like this, when he’s not all made up to go before a camera or on stage.

And when DJ Gong Hyung Jin asked if Suro had learned any dance moves from Jay, he humbly answered, “I actually asked Jay to show me some of his dance moves. I danced a lot when I was in my twenties, but I can’t even compare myself to Jay“.

Actress Park Yejin stated that the shoot was so much more enjoyable because of Kim Suro, as he kept everyone on set laughing. “I looked forward to every single scene we had together and I was upset that I didn’t have more,” she said.

Jay Park was then asked, “Was there a time where you couldn’t overcome temptation and compromised yourself as a result?”, to which he responded, “What does that mean?”, evoking laughter from the audience.

Kim Suro stepped in and explained the meaning to Jay, and after understanding the question, Jay answered: “Whether it be acting or making music, I don’t do it if I don’t want to“.

And when he was asked if he was reminded of his 2PM days during the shoot, he replied, “Honestly, I didn’t have enough time to think back. I was too busy focused on acting while preparing my new album at the same time.”

The live radio broadcast takes places from the 7th to the 9th at Haeundae’s Live Stage.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM members support Jun. K’s solo debut

News about 2PM - Page 5 Junsu1

Recently, 2PM member Junsu (otherwise known as Jun.K) released his first solo single, “Alive” to strong response from both fans and the public alike, placing high on charts such as Melon and Cyworld.

As a small present for his fans, Junsu posted a picture to his me2day account which showed his fellow 2PM members cheering on his solo efforts. “The jacket shooting day for my ALIVE album! With my lovable members who came to support me…^^ Sorry for the quality,” he wrote.

The behind-the-scenes footage from the photoshoot will also be aired in an upcoming episode of ‘Real 2PM‘.

“This is a song which has much more of my color than any other song before it,” Junsu said, regarding “Alive”. “The chorus was made by using dozens of layers of my voice, and I put more of my emotions into it than ever. I wish many people will enjoy my music together. Thank you.”!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM reveals full MV for their Japanese single “Ultra Lover”!

News about 2PM - Page 5 294599_297769196905662_278904782125437_1450998_465016065_n

Just a week ago, Korean group 2PM unveiled their music video teaser for their original Japanese single, “Ultra Lover“. Though the single is not set for release until November 2nd, the boys have released the full MV in all its 3-minute glory!

This music video features the members moving from room to room and close-ups of their stylish choreography. The chic MV fits nicely with their new catchy and upbeat song.

Check it out the MV below!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Real2PM takes you behind-the-scenes to Jun.K’s photoshoot

News about 2PM - Page 5 298369_297727853576463_278904782125437_1450783_873581884_n

Fans have been drooling over the latest episode of ‘Real2PM‘, which gave a behind-the-scenes look into Jun.K‘s “Alive” photoshoot!

Junsu (or ‘Jun.K’ for his solo promotions) was seen monitoring every shot closely, demonstrating that he was very thorough in his preparations for “Alive”. His fellow 2PM groupmates were seen goofing around on set and cheering on Junsu from the sidelines.

Check out this hilarious clip below!!/SJEva

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