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News about 2PM

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

2PM labels Nichkhun as the most competitive member

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110908_nichkhun

2PM‘s Nichkhun, who melts girls’ hearts with his baby face, was revealed to have an intense competitive streak! o

On the latest recording of ‘The 2PM Show‘, the members had an awards ceremony, where each member was granted a quirky title matching their personality.

Although Chansung is the maknae of the group, he’s also very strong, and so he received the “Universal Dol-soe Award”. Dol-soe, in Korea, refers to a worker who does whatever he’s told to do without questions. As for Junho, who shows strong confidence in whatever he does, the members gave him the “Galaxy Desire Award”. It showed that he always has the drive to do something. The rest of the members received unique awards as well.

When it came to Nichkhun, however, he received an award that didn’t match his appearance. He received the “Burning Competitiveness Award”. Suddenly, it seemed that his original nicknames, “Prince Nichkhun” and “Flower Boy”, no longer seemed to suit him.

The members explained that during the first episode of the show, Nichkhun showed intense concentration during the mini ping-pong game. In another case, the boys had to eat lemons for a game, and Nichkhun ate his sour piece in a heartbeat without showing a single wince of pain. He ended up winning that competition.

Additional details and stories will be revealed when the show airs on the 10th.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

Charismatic Taecyeon and Wooyoung for Evisu’s Fall collection

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110908_2PM2

2PM‘s Taecyeon and Wooyoung modeled for the fall collection for the clothing brand, Evisu.

In this photo shoot, Taecyeon and Wooyoung put aside their fun image and showed a chic side to themselves.

Despite the long hours of the photo shoot, they didn’t show signs of tiredness and lightened up the atmosphere receiving much praise from the staff.

For Evisu’s fall collection, Taecyeon and Wooyoung modeled denim jackets, jeans, and shirts, along with items that bring out the vintage style.

An Evisu official said, ”Evisu’s brand new models Wooyoung and Taecyeon, were friendly and charismatic. Mixed with the fall collection, the items will definitely become mega hits”.

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110908_2PM-21!/SJEva

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Jay Park puts on a powerful hip-hop performance on “Immortal Song 2″

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110910_jaypark-460x654

Singer/actor Jay Park has received his most positive reaction yet from the audience of “Immortal Song 2“.

For the show’s upcoming episode, the idols will be performing hit songs from Nam Jin.

During the recording, Jay Park had confidently asserted, “Today, I will take the winner’s trophy.” He then performed “Please Don’t Change“, but gave it a hip hop twist with his remix.

Starting out with a sweet voice, Jay Park surprised the audience by delivering hip-hop dance moves. He even took off his jacket mid-performance, showing off his defined muscles.

MC Kim Gura said, “This is the best performance by Jay Park thus far.”

Stay tuned for the full episode when it airs on September 10th!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

Immortal Song 2 episode #15 Jay Park - You Do Not Change!/SJEva

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‘Khuntoria’ couple sheds tears as they announce…

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110910_khuntoria_wegotmarried

This week’s episode of MBC‘s “We Got Married” aired the couple’s last day at the beautiful Maldives Islands before they were told the sudden news that their virtual marriage would soon come to an end.

On September 10th, 2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)’s Victoria spent their last vacation day at a nearby beach, where they had fun snorkeling and playing a game called, “Who can throw their sandals the furthest”. The couple also shot some wedding photos by themselves, since they felt dissatisfied with the pictures taken by a professional photographer.

During her interview with the producer, Victoria expressed, “I’m happy that I was able to spend time with Nichkhun in such a beautiful place like this. The words ‘bartenders’, ‘sailing’ and ‘Maldives’ will always remind me of Nichkhun.” Nichkhun agreed, as he said, “The world ‘Maldives’ reminds me of Victoria.”

Soon after returning to Korea, the couple each received a CD containing video footage of their most memorial moments, including their first awkward meet a year and three months ago.

But the CD had an unexpected message in its last scene, which read, “Nichkhun and Victoria’s virtual marriage will end on August 31st, 00:00.” As soon as the video finished, both Nichkhun and Victoria shed tears of disbelief and sadness over the sudden news.

The last episode of “Khuntoria” will be broadcast this coming September 17th. Stay tuned!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

‘Khuntoria’ snaps new wedding photos at the beach

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110910_khuntoria_11png

On this week’s broadcast of MBC‘s “We Got Married“, the “Khuntoria“ couple – 2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)‘s Victoria – shot some wedding photos on their last day at the Maldive Islands.

The “Khuntoria” couple headed to the beach, where they enjoyed their time snorkeling and shooting wedding photos by themselves.

The couple had initially appointed a professional photographer for their wedding photo spread, but both were unsatisfied with the results and decided to do a phot shoot by themselves using only a digital camera.

Due to the restricted height of the tripod, the couple constantly had to crouch down to meet the camera’s range. Consequently, they earned themselves a new couple name: the “split legs” couple.

Although they had to use the self-timing function to take pictures, both Nichkhun and Victoria were very satisfied with how the quality of the photos turned out in the end.

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110910_khuntoria_2png!/SJEva

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2PM’s Junho plants a kiss on his cat ‘Baby’

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110913_junho_baby1-600x803

On September 13th, 2PM‘s Junho shared a hilarious photo of him and his cat ‘Baby’ that has brought out the envy of Hottests.

Junho wrote on his Twitter, “Me: I love you baby, chu~ / Baby: Can you stop and leave me alone?”

The short conversation that he made up between them adds a lot of comedy to the photo, especially since Baby looks so grumpy about the kiss. Junho doesn’t care, though, and plants a big one on her cheek while holding her up.

Fans commented, “She looks heavy”, and “I don’t think that cat knows who she’s getting a kiss from!”!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

JYP denies that 2PM’s Chansung was cast in a Japanese drama

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110620_2pm_handsup_chansung-600x399

Rumors have been circulating online about 2PM‘s Chansung being cast for a new Fuji TV drama titled, ‘My 99 Days with a Star‘. JYP Entertainment has stepped up to clarify that he has not been cast for anything.

Through Star News, representatives stated, “Chansung has not been cast for any drama in Japan. He’s currently focusing on his promotions with 2PM for their new album. There have been rumors online that Chansung was cast for one, but those aren’t true.”

The drama in question is a romantic comedy that tells the love story between a top actress and normal man in his 40′s, who signs a 99-day contract to pose as her lover. Scheduled to begin in October, the drama briefly earned headlines for casting Kim Tae Hee and Nishijima Hidetoshi.!/SJEva

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Members of 2PM & 2AM share some secrets for their muscular bodies

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110914_2pm

2PM and 2AM recently revealed some secrets on how to obtain muscular and fit bodies.

On KBS 2TV‘s ‘Living Show Your 6PM‘, idol groups 2PM and 2AM, known for having spectacular abs and muscular bodies, have finally revealed their secrets on how they achieved their bodies.

2PM and 2AM picked trainer Hwang Jin Ho as the best trainer to get you back in to shape. The first to get personally in contact with this famous trainer was 2AM’s Changmin and Jo Kwon. The two started exercising to add some muscle to their previous slim figures.

According to trainer Hwang Jin Ho, Ok Taecyeon is unique in that he develops muscles 5 times faster than a normal person and to live up to his nick name of ‘Ripped Taecyeon’, he focuses more on his chest area when working out.

In addition, trainer Hwang Jin Ho also revealed 2PM’s Nichkhun secret on obtaining his perfect lean muscles, as well as 2AM Seulong‘s meals and diet.

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110914_2am2pm2

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110911_2PM1!/SJEva

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Photo of Jay Park at church revealed

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110914_jay_church8[img][/img]

On September 12th, a photo taken of singer Jay Park at church was revealed on an online community portal.

In the photo, Jay is seen wearing a blue baseball cap to the side, and a black shirt with blue lettering to match. He gave an easy smile as he stood in the midst of the church elders that were dressed in their Sunday best.

Upon seeing the photo, netizens commented, “He looks so innocent… is he in trouble?”, “He even matched his outfit for church“, “I’m going to church ASAP“, and “Seattle’s best-looking!”

Jay Park was also chosen as an ambassador for Jeju Island, and is receiving attention lately for releasing the OST “Demon” for the Korean/American collaboration dance film, “Hype Nation“.!/SJEva

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2PM’s Chansung, Junho re-enact a scene from ‘Lovers in Paris’

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110914_2pmshow_parody

During a recent recording of the ’2PM Show’, the boys of 2PM re-enacted scenes from popular dramas and movies, like ‘Lovers in Paris‘ and ‘Friend‘.

A representative from SBS E!TV stated, “On the recent recording for the ’2PM Show’, the 2PM members tried to act like men with [wide hearts and minds] using various props, and had competitions amongst themselves.”

The members had to eat extremely spicy jjampong for one competition, and apparently it was so hot that they began to shed tears and get runny noses. In the end, they decided to use the jjampong as a prop, and act out various scenes from films and dramas.

Chansung and Junho went first and played the roles of the lovers in ‘Lovers in Paris’. Chansung parodied the famous lines by actor Park Shin Yang, and shouted, “This jjampong is my jjampong, why can’t you say it?” with Junho replying as Kim Jung Eun, “How can I?”.!/SJEva

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Jay Park wins the ‘most chic’ netizen poll

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110916_jaypark

Music portal Bugs held a week-long survey from September 6th to the 12th asking netizens who they thought was the #1 ‘chic idol that best fit the fall season.’

A total of 1,391 netizens participated in the survey, and the results were revealed on September 15th.

The idol that came out on top was none other than Jay Park with 36% or 493 of the votes. The star recently released “Demon” and wrapped up his promotions on ‘Immortal Song 2‘.

Coming in at second place was Big Bang‘s T.O.P. with 29% or 402 of the votes. Hilariously, fans have nicknamed him ‘ChicTop’ for a while now, thanks to his charming style. T.O.P. is currently gearing up with leader G-Dragon for GD&TOP‘s Japanese debut this November.

Third place was taken by Super Junior‘s Choi Siwon with 24% or 326 of the votes, and fourth place was taken by G.NA, who received 6% or 74 of the votes.!/SJEva

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2PM’s Junsu experiences a power outage while recording

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110915_Junsu

On September 15th, 2PM‘s Junsu tweeted, “While recording, the entire company building blacked out… Huk! I heard the elevator stopped working too and there were people inside?”.

I turns out that due to the high surge of electricity use because of the recent heat wave (air conditioners), there was a large scale power outage across parts of Seoul and Gyeonggi Province at around 3:30pm.

Another member of Junsu’s company, miss A‘s Jia also tweeted, “There’s a power outage“.

Netizens who saw Junsu’s tweet commented, “I heard that if there is a power outage during a recording it’s suppose to be a hit, so its a good sign?”, “What are the people stuck in the elevator going to do”, and “It makes me curious as to what song is being recorded.”!/SJEva

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‘Khuntoria’ marriage comes to an end

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110915_khuntoria_wgm

Get ready to grab some tissues, Khuntoria fans, because the couple’s final episode will be airing on September 17th.

MBC‘s ‘We Got Married‘ will air the last episode of Nichkhun and Victoria‘s marriage tomorrow, which will see emotional moments from the couple.

In order to make their last filming more memorable, the couple held a farewell party to their 456th day of marriage. Those that attended the party included badminton player Lee Yong Dae and Victoria’s fellow f(x) members Sulli, Luna, and Amber.

During the party, Nichkhun presented Victoria with a special gift, who couldn’t hold back her tears at the thought of ending their marriage. The tears had a particularly profound impact, as it was the first time that Victoria showed tears in front of her husband.

Afterwards, the couple finally ended their virtual marriage of 1 year and 3 months at the 63 Building, where the two had first met.!/SJEva

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Jay Park clarifies dating rumors

News about 2PM - Page 4 599321371_b9e015c0_59ED98B8EC9EACEBB294-03

Singer Jay Park was recently caught up in dating rumors when fans reportedly saw him get into a car with a popular online shopping mall CEO. Jay Park indirectly stepped up to clarify the rumors.

On his Twitter, he wrote to a friend, “Hyung, you and your girlfriend can’t get in my car anymore.” The message indicates that the “girlfriend” in question was actually the girlfriend of a close friend of his.

Netizens commented, “I’m glad he clarified it”, “I believe you”, “Embarrassing for the friend”,
and “Thought my heart dropped when I heard it!”

Jay Park is currently awaiting the release of his movie, “Mr. Idol“.!/SJEva

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2PM’s Taecyeon poses with Bumblebee & Optimus Prime

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110916_taecyeon_transformers

Recently a picture of 2PM‘s Taecyeon posing with Transformers characters, Bumblebee and Optimus Prime has been revealed.

On September 15th, the photo was posted on a online community message board under the title, “Taecyeon takes a commemorative photo with Bumblebee“.

In the picture, Taecyeon is found standing between Bumblebee and Optimus Prime, while holding a V-pose. His glasses and natural hair style makes him look like a handsome college student.

This picture is also currently Taecyeon’s Twitter profile picture and was taken at the Coex Megabox in Seoul.

Fans commented, “He’s been voice mimicking Optimus Prime lately and now a commemorative photo with Bumblebee“, “Looks like I’m moving next door to Coex” and “He looks a little tired“.

Meanwhile, 2PM and miss A have been selected as the Korean Tourist Service‘s foreign commercial models.!/SJEva

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Frightened 2PM for Everland Horror Maze

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110905_2pmeverlandhorror1

The boys of 2PM have had a long endorsement relationship with South Korea’s largest theme park, Everland Resorts. As Halloween is fast approaching, Everland is doing their best to endorse their new Horror Maze haunted house and they’ve recruited 2PM for just this purpose.

Earlier in the month, Everland opened a website and revealed various still photos of 2PM endorsing the new Horror Maze and now they’ve released a CF. In the CF, the boys are filmed in the Horror Maze and you can genuinely see their various reactions while making their way through the maze.

The boys may be Beasts but it seems that even the beasts can be frightened, check out the CF below!!/SJEva

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Jay Park featured in Cha Cha Malone’s new song, “Single Life”

News about 2PM - Page 4 110916_chacha_jaypark_1

Talented SidusHQ artist Jay Park was recently featured in fellow Art of Movement member Cha Cha Malone‘s new single, “Single Life“!

The track was unveiled on September 16th which was described as being, “inspired by the optimistic single folks out there who are content and happy as individuals, despite the everyday temptations, rants and raves of being with someone.”

Jay himself also tweeted, “@chachaaom ft. jay park – SINGLE LIFE FREE DOWNLOAD“, showing his supportive side for the fellow member.

Check out the smooth flowing song below!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

Final Khuntoria episode on ‘We Got Married’, Nichkhun reflects on his marriage to Victoria

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110917_nichkhun_victoria

The Khuntoria couple shed tears as their marriage life came to an end.

The September 17th broadcast of MBC’s “We Got Married“, a mission to end their marriage was assigned to 2PM‘s Nichkhun and f(x)‘s Victoria and they spent their last day together as a couple.

The couple reflected on their past 456 days of memories and seemed it was difficult for them to let go.

Nichkhun held back tears as he looked back on their house saying, “Since we can still meet in the future and laugh together. I don’t want to break up crying.”

Through a video message, Nichkhun told Victoria, “I think this will be my last video message to you. I am so happy that I was able to spend the last 456 days with you. Though we fought and every once in a while you would hit me, they were all precious memories to me. Even if we’re unable to meet often in the future, be careful and think of me every once in a while. It’s not illegal, so you can think of me often. I’ve been very happy during our time together. I really enjoyed it.”

Victoria reflected back to the day she first met Nichkhun at the 63 Building. She expressed, ”I keep thinking of the past. Memories are flying past as if it was a movie reel. This really feels weird. I feel like something is pricking my heart.”

Meanwhile, during the same broadcast, David Oh and Kwon Ri Sae also shared their last day together as well.

Thanks for all the memories to the lovable Khuntoria couple!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

JYP Entertainment denies rumors of Nichkhun joining a drama

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110919_Nickkhun_drama

Rumors have been circulating in the entertainment industry about how 2PM‘s Nichkhun was cast for the upcoming drama, ‘I’m a Flower Too!‘. On September 19th, JYP Entertainment spoke up and assertively refuted the idea.

Nichkhun’s agency revealed through TV Report that, “There were absolutely no discussions made on whether or not Nichkhun would be starring in the drama.”

These rumors were apparently brought up by broadcasters, who claimed that Nichkhun and a few others had confirmed roles in the upcoming drama. ’I'm a Flower Too’ is also being considered by actress Lee Ji Ah as a comeback drama project.

In related news, 2PM successfully launched their ‘Hands Up Asia Tour’ recently in Seoul, and have since embarked for other stops in their global schedule.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

Nichkhun tweets a picture with his younger sister

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110919_nichkhun_ister

On the 19th, 2PM‘s Nichkhun uploaded a few pictures with his little sister Cherreen along with the caption, “My love sister and I“.

In the photos, the siblings made some funny facial expressions for the camera and just like her brother, Nichkhun’s little sister showcased beautiful facial features as well as long, black hair.

Netizens who saw the photo commented, “They inherited such good genes“, “Its cute that they are close“, and “Jealous!”, etc.

Nichkhun’s other sister Yanin also entered the Thailand Super Model competition in 2009 and is currently actively working as a model.!/SJEva

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2PM performed Hands Up on KPOP Cover Dance Festival!

News about 2PM - Page 4 2pmhandsup

Check out the fancam above,the fans went wild when the boys appreared,such a cool performance,enjoy it!!/SJEva

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Mod Eva

Junho's interview from Singles Magazine, Oct 2011

News about 2PM - Page 4 S_01

How did you spend your Chuseok holiday?

Luckily I didn't work but spent it with the family. Saw mum, dad, older sister for the first time in a while and came back a bit early because I had recordings to do. My house is in Ilsan but to come to think of it, it was my first visit since the New Years. Mum told me to come home once a month.

It was nice to see all the members in a comfortable manner during promotion. Which aspects were you satisfied and unsatisfied about this album promotion?
Being comfortable was both relieving and a problem, too. I guess it's because to me I have a strong opinion of that a performance should always be like a performance but this felt more like us playing around on stage. But disregarding my worries, it was a huge success. It was kinda sad that the promotion period was short of being only a month long. Oh, and it was really strange because it always rained whenever we were promoting.

Your own song 'Give It To Me' was also used as the soundtrack in the music video for the movie . Is this song reflecting your own experiences or is there some kind of a story behind it?
It's a song where I tried to portray the feeling of being in love. I really felt like loving someone after I had a dream that I was dating someone. And yeah, apparently there's a research that says after you've had a dream about someone you actually start to like them temporarily... Anyways I wrote this as soon as I woke up from sleep and it only took me 30 minutes. Somedays, I'd be holding onto a work for the whole day or even for months and wouldn't work out, so it was pretty amazing. Writing songs really only works when you're feeling personal about it.

Where do you get your inspirations for your lyrics and songs from?
Sometimes I'd suddenly come up with something while playing some piano chords or hum something in bed before sleeping and run for my phone to record it. There was a time where I was squeezing my head to remember the melody I heard in a dream. But because melodies I hear in dreams reflect scattered memories, there is a possibility of plagiarism(laughs). Usually I'd carry a notebook around and write down any words that might pop up in my head.

What songs do you have in your MP3 player at the moment? Any songs you play repeatedly these days?
Lately, I've been trying not to listen to any music. You know, you can get sick of even the greatest cuisines of the world. I'm kinda like that right now. My ears get tired even when I'm listening to a great song. So I'm trying to stay away for a bit by reading books or comics instead.

News about 2PM - Page 4 Normal_220

Oho, so what books are you reading now?
Just what boys would read. I read up to volume 71 of Detective Conan . And some stupid comic called Elite Gang. I like books that I can read without thinking. I've also read the first few pages of Justice. And I've seen many books with lots of cat pictures such as Be cheerful, cat . I guess I like to see animal pictures because I like them so much.

I've seen several tweets showing your concerns for abandoned dogs or animals in danger. Is there a special reason why you became so fond of animals?
There isn't a special reason but I've raised many animals since I was young. Chicks, rabbit, guinea pig, hamster... About a year ago, we received a kitten from someone we knew and they sent it to my mother telling her to raise it like me(own child). That's how we started raising a cat for the first time but it was truly adorable. Now I even send cat food home whenever I'm overseas. So I've become more and more fond of them because I started to like them. And also watch TV programmes about abandoned animals, too.

And you've raised your voice about it a few times.
There are so many shameless incidents that I cannot hold back myself. To kidnap and kill, or even worse incidents happen far too many times. Anybody who had the power to raise their opinion would've done the same. There are many celebrities who work with animal organisations out there. I want to go and volunteer too but don't have the time so I'm only donating small amounts right now.

The aim of today's shooting was to portray the loneliness and tiredness of people who stand on stage. When do you feel sad and lonely?
These days I do. When you're extremely busy with schedule you'd be lacking sleep but then again when you're too tired you can't actually fall asleep. So then I think about this and that while lying down. That's when I feel lonely, I think. Even if you have colleagues around you, it's still different to that feeling of loneliness from lack of love. Nowadays, I want to find something I can trust and depend on. But then I don't mean I want to be in love so desperately. I wouldn't think about it when I'm concentrating on work but when I'm by myself that's when I get lonely and, yeah.

What do you do when you're lonely?

Mindlessly read comic books or chat with the members while eating, is about it. Frankly, I want to release my stress by doing things related to hobby but there's really no time. I haven't been able to do any sports to sweat out since my debut.

What kind of student were you in school?
Introvert. I did plays in high school. Used to practice all day apart from when I had classes. When we went on church camps or school trips I'd present a few plays. I wasn't that active but definitely not passive. I started acting because I didn't like my reserved personality and I guess it helped a bit.

When did you decide to become a singer?
I really enjoyed dancing and singing even when I was in the acting club. Back then, X Man was a big hit. You know that section where the celebrities had to show off their talents, I used to watch it and copy their dances a lot.

What are the opinions of the members on their increasing individual promotions?

For the past 3 years, there was no time to think about individuals as we were so busy with just 2PM things but nowadays there are lots of discussions about this. I think that 2PM will become even stronger if the members can have the power to stand on their own without having to break away from the group. There will be members involved in Japanese dramas in the future and actively take part in their fields of interest. Now is the beginning.

Which area do you want to try out apart from 2PM promotions?
As a singer I would like to try going solo and because I'm a little greedy, I have dreams about acting, too. You portray a strong emotion during a short amount of time on the stage as a singer, but acting is another different field. There are parts where you have to deliver your emotions through your eyes rather than speaking or through sounds. I think of every opportunity such as this shooting today a chance to learn about it, bit by bit. Oh yeah, I've thought about doing the narration for documentaries, too. I have the confidence that I can do anything if I had the chance. I am quite emotional so I do have ups and downs a lot. When I'm feeling good I think that everything is easy but when I'm depressed I don't wanna do anything at all.

News about 2PM - Page 4 Normal_005

When you're on a variety show, do you prepare lots by studying your script or become spontaneous?

I used to get cut out all the time on variety shows such as Family Outing during our first album promotion. Because I worked hard, and only hard, not thinking about the overall atmosphere. I guess it's all because I had no 'sense' and was boring but nowadays I just don't think about other people and do whatever I do normally. I do go overboard at times on 2PM SHOW, because it has our name in it and I feel responsible about it. That's how 'Ambitious Junho' came about. 2PM SHOW has no script so we talk about anything. Literally anything. Variety shows work well when you feel comfortable so I don't prepare too much for it but it definitely is a lot harder than singing or acting.

Nowadays, people 'win' with their character(personality). Do you have any special characteristics you would like to have? You're quite well known as the go-hard person.

Whenever at an interview people tell me I'm a go-hard person but that's too boring. I'm not gonna do it anymore(laughs). One character I envy is someone like Khun. A character where one spoken word is stronger than a hundred words of other people. But then Khun doesn't like it that much because people see him only as a pretty boy. That's something only the person experiencing it would know, so we understand each other.

Do you normally observe and assess yourself?
I used to think that because I'm 'this' kind of person, I have to act this way, so there were parts where I had trouble trying out new things at times. Now I just want to leave it to the 'flow' and not think like the past. Rather than drawing a line, I'm trying to find more about myself by trying new things.

Comparing to living your life as just Lee Junho and the 2PM Lee Junho of now, are there any changes?

I used to be a real quiet person but I've become a lot more brighter than before. My father is from Jeonranamdo and is very serious. I also follow his traits of being boring(laughs). I saw somewhere that sons become like their fathers and meet a partner who is like their mother. So the point is, I used to be a quiet person but did say what was necessary, then picked up a few more words since I started promoting on television.

Anything you've become highly interested in lately?

Thoughts of going on a vacation? I want to hire a camping car, grab a camera and travel all over the country because I've been having trouble writing lyrics and melodies lately. I used to like taking photographs but now I'm at a stage where even pressing the shutter button is so troublesome because we're so busy. Right now I just want to rest. Not just doing nothing but to build my knowledge I guess? I want to see the world.

What do you talk about when you're with friends?

I'm the one who usually listens to friends. It's more like counseling for friends that want to step in to the entertainment industry.

This question is asked by the journalist next to me. How do you take care of your 'cute duck-butt'?
My parents gave it to me. Even if I lose weight my bottom stays the same. One time I seriously tried to lose my bottom weight but it was still 'alive' despite losing all the muscles in my body. Not only the fat but I think it's the bone structure. Rather than taking care of it, I guess I'm just born with it.

How do you think of your appearance as a singer?
Not bad. Sometimes I think I'm really handsome but then at other times I don't know why I look like this. Thoughts change everyday.

What is the most important aspect of a singer?

To a singer, singing is the ultimate aspect.

What kind of person would you like to be in the future?

A person who has no regrets and knows how to let go. Often you think of the past and blame yourself for making regrets but past is a past and if you keep lingering onto it there would be no progress. I just want to show my true abilities by not getting swept by the surroundings.

What is your next goal?

To let myself known, bit by bit, through both 2PM and solo promotions.

News about 2PM - Page 4 Normal_singles5!/SJEva

99News about 2PM - Page 4 Empty Re: News about 2PM Fri Sep 23, 2011 10:43 am


Mod Eva
Mod Eva

’2PM Show’ to come to an end

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110922_2PM-Show

The upcoming 12th episode of SBS’s ‘2PM Show‘ will be the last of its series.

The ’2PM Show’ was a idol variety program with a unique twist, as it encouraged viewers to send in topics like ‘Who is the Cooking King’, ‘Relive Your Childhood School Days’, ‘Show Us Your Teamwork’, and much more.

During the series, the 2PM members weren’t afraid to let loose and show various sides to themselves. The 12th episode will include a test that will show their growth in their variety show skills.

The boys will take part in a segment called ‘Shadow Quiz’, where two members will have to work together to express an answer to a question with their shadows.

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110922_2PM-Show-2

In another segment, the members will bring back an old variety program called ‘Tray Karaoke’, where if one member gets the lyrics to a song wrong, all the members will have to get hit with metal trays.

News about 2PM - Page 4 20110922_2PM-Show-3

The final episode will air through SBS on September 24th.!/SJEva

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Mod Eva
Mod Eva

Jo Kwon and sleeping Woo Young snapped a selca!

News about 2PM - Page 4 Jokwonwooyoung

2AM's Jo Kwon revealed an aborable selca on his Twitter.
JoKwon poses cutely behind Woo Young who is sleeping soundly.
I guess Woo Young must be really tired during that time.!/SJEva

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